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  • Cerner is a global leader in health care information technology. We are changing health care around the world.

    Cerner has been operating in the Middle East for more than 25 years. We have a proven track record in the region, working with more than 200 client facilities that range from large government hospital networks to health clinics in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait, putting Cerner Middle East on the front lines of health care transformation.

    Most Middle East countries have named health care as a top priority with a focus on a nation-wide health care information systems to provide one single standard of care. Building on our industry-leading clinical technology expertise and vast global experience, we are finding new and innovative ways to deliver value to our clients, while addressing the challenges of each country where we work.

    Cerner Middle East associates are at the forefront of development with Cerner Millennium®, evolving patient care, updating millions of patient records, scheduling future appointments and reducing waiting lists. As a result, clinicians have access to more complete and current patient information.

    These projects carried out in the Middle East and around the world ensure we can reduce the number of errors occurred daily in different kinds of health care communities including hospitals and patient care received in the patient’s home.

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