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  • July 12 2011

    Challenge Accepted: The KC Slimdown Challenge has begun

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    Just a few days ago, startling statistics about obesity in America were released, with Missouri and Kansas both ranked in the top 16 for adult obesity rates (30 percent and 29 percent respectively), further illustrating the need for change.

    Earlier this year, Clay Patterson blogged about Cerner's path to become known as a health company and not just a health care IT company. The Cabinet Challenge, our company-wide weight loss challenge, was a big step along that path, encouraging our associates to reexamine the choices they were making to help them lose weight.

    Yesterday, Cerner launched the KC Slimdown Challenge. This challenge is our opportunity to take what we learned from our own weight loss challenge to help an entire metropolitan city experience the same weight loss we've seen. In just six months, our associates lost more than 20,000 pounds. We hope Kansas Citians will be able to beat our success by leaps and bounds

    We started collecting initial weigh-ins from challenge participants across the metro area yesterday. One of the local Kansas City TV stations, WDAF-TV covered our weigh-in at Truman Medical Center's Hospital Hill location.

    If you're interested in joining the challenge, you can find more information on the KC Slimdown Challenge website. Also, we invite you to follow along with others and share your weight loss tips, stories and hurdles via the KC Slimdown Facebook and Twitter pages, or in the comments below.

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