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The University Hospital of Antwerp sets basis for becoming a digital hospital

08 February 2017

We’re delighted to announce that the University Hospital of Antwerp (UZA) has entered into partnership with Cerner for the implementation of a fully integrated electronic patient record (EPR). As a result, all patients’ medical records will be available at any time and in any location for all involved healthcare professionals as well as the patient, all under the highest standards of privacy and security. The partnership is an important step in the realisation of eHealth.

eHealth is the collective name for technological applications that support electronic care processes in healthcare, allowing organisations to anticipate trends. The Belgian government rightly views eHealth as a priority for the future, as the sector undergoes a radical transformation at a rapid pace. Aging populations, the shift from acute to chronic care and increasingly complex care mean healthcare institutions need to be more efficient and provide higher quality at the same time.

The UZA’s new EPR includes information such as medical history, diagnosis, treatment, medication schedules, medical imaging, lab results, allergies and other pertinent data about a patient. The solution replaces 150 IT applications existing today in the hospital and streamline the information into one central system. The data from all the involved healthcare providers will now be available in a single environment. Johnny van der Straeten, the hospital’s CEO, notes that "the choice of a fully integrated medical record is primarily a choice for the digital future of the UZA."

Cerner is the chosen partner for a virtual UZA

After an extended procurement process, the UZA chose the Cerner solution as the most suitable package for their EPR. Cor Rumping, general manager for Cerner Belgium and the Netherlands remarks, "we are extremely proud that the UZA has chosen to be Cerner’s first client in Belgium. The strategic partnership will give the UZA access to our broad local and international expertise. At the same time, Cerner will benefit from their undisputable clinical excellence.”

“Our main focus throughout the entire project will be to enable better and safer care for their patients. We look forward to supporting the needs of the UZA and their community today and helping them prepare for the future.”

The bidding process began more than three years ago, when we conducted an analysis of what the UZA expects of an EPR, and what processes need to be computerised. This resulted in input from more than 150 associates in 22 groups, over 340 user scenarios and with 1,500 requirements given. The EPR will be ready in the spring of 2019.

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  • By: Cerner, 08 February 2017
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