Cerner Competition Contributes to Improved Health of Clients and Associates in the Middle East


Healthy M.E. Steps Challenge winning team announced

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — July 22, 2012 — Working toward empowering healthier communities, Cerner (Nasdaq: CERN), a developer of information management systems geared toward health care, created the Healthy M.E. Steps Challenge for all its clients and associates in the region to help them lose weight and improve fitness by motivating each other. This was Cerner’s first health competition involving clients in the Middle East.

The Healthy M.E. Steps Challenge was a nine-week competition in which Cerner Middle East associates and client employees formed separate teams competing on the number of steps taken, using a Fitbit to help track their steps. Cerner created an interactive website, called Cerner Health Wins, to help client employees and associates set up teams, configure their individual profiles and manage the competition online by tracking their progress and the progress of others using a real-time scoreboard.

"Maintaining a healthy lifestyle improves quality of life for both our diabetic patients and our staff at Rashid Center for Diabetes and Research. Cerner’s Healthy M.E. Steps Challenge successfully contributed to this long term ambition with the possibility to compare set targets with outcomes at any given time and track progress. It created a high team spirit and willingness to change," said Bengt Ternstrom, CEO, Rashid Center for Diabetes and Research.

The winning team of the Healthy M.E. Steps Challenge with the highest average steps per participant was from Children’s Cancer Hospital – Egypt. The four-member team lost more than 34 kilograms collectively during the competition.

Ahmed Badrawy, a member of the winning team, commented, “This was an unforgettable experience for our organization, emphasizing the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. The team spirit, daily workouts and tracking our steps on a regular basis using Cerner’s competition website gave us the boost and motivation needed to win this fun challenge.”

Cerner received many positive stories and feedback from participants on how this competition effectively improved their health. One such example came from a participant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who reduced his Hb1AC (value represents long term control of blood glucose) from 0.64 to 0.58 (normal) and, after consulting with his physician, was able to stop taking his regular medication to control his sugar level before breakfast and supper.

”Many associates already know what they need to do - lose weight, be more active, improve cardiovascular health, etc. but they may find it hard to get started. Our Middle East health competition provided a kick-start and improved overall determination,” said Greg White, vice president and managing director, Cerner Middle East and Africa. “People are more engaged and motivated when opportunities to improve their health are competitive and social. This is evidenced by the amount of positive feedback we received from our clients and other heath associations asking Cerner to arrange similar competitions in the future to include participants who did not get a chance to be part of this year’s competition.”

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