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Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes Heads Toward an Entirely Digitised Care Delivery System

29 November 2012

In 18 months, they have achieved Stage 6 of the HIMSS Analytics Europe certification

La Défense – November 28, 2012 - The Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes won an award for the digitisation of its care services with the Cerner Millennium® solution portfolio. The Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes is the second French organisation to be recognised by HIMSS Analytics Europe for the quality of its information system, six months after the Centre Hospitalier de Belfort-Montbéliard, the first French site to receive the certification. On a scale from 0 to 7 (7 being the highest stage), the organisation has achieved stage 6, which acknowledges a high number of entirely digitised departments in the hospital.

The ambition of the project, named CADUCÉE, is another remarkable aspect of it, as a public hospital (the Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes) partnered with an ESPIC group (the AHNAC group, a private healthcare organisation) in order to optimise the patient experience at a regional level. Cerner Millennium applications have been the preferred choice of the group to help tackle the challenge of a project based on pooled resources. The high-availability solution is hosted by Cerner, who has received the health care data hosting agreement.

The Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes has implemented the Cerner Millennium information system, a unified and integrated clinical solution. Cerner Millennium provides clinicians, clinical staff and pharmacists with decision support tools for a unique and safe medical record. Thanks to an increased use of plans based on clinical pathways, the quality of care has been optimised. The clinician has access to all the relevant information when diagnosing the patient and placing an order, which helps to reduce errors and duplicates. The success of the project is linked to the strong involvement of the medical staff, supported by the management team of the Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes.

"I want to emphasise the excellent work carried out by the teams at the Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes in order to achieve this result in such a short time frame. This organisation is now one of the most advanced in Europe as regards to care delivery digitisation", said Matthew SWINDELLS, Senior Vice President of Cerner Corporation.

Mr. Frédéric ANDRÉ, Technical Chief Information Officer and Dr. Nicolas HOUDRE, President of CADUCÉE Steering Committee, are both coordinating the CADUCÉE project.

"The quick turnaround of the implementation was made possible because of the full synergy between the IT world and the medical world. All the decisions and strategies are taken during the steering committees, made of health care professionals and support services. Furthermore, our dedicated CADUCÉE team, in charge of implementation and build, performs an outstanding work. A HIMSS classification stage 6 is a recognition of all the work done by the staff from the Hospital, and also a proof of our IT system quality", said Dr. HOUDRE.

"There are many elements to the success of the project. First of all, this project is not at the Information System Department level, but really at the institutional level. Moreover, health care professionals have been involved in each step (RFPs, build, implementation, governance). And we built up a CADUCÉE team made out of health care providers from our departments, which allowed us to create a build in accordance with our practices.

To conclude, without paraphrasing Dr. HOUDRE, I would just like to mention that the unity and the commitment of all in that project naturally led us to receiving the HIMSS classification", added Mr. André.

"With this second site recognised in France, we are transforming the effort as we demonstrate the quality of our tools and the ability to implement them in short time frames. We work alongside our clients in order to help them improve the quality of care and the organisation’s efficiency", declared David CORCOS, President of Cerner France.

About Cerner France

For more than 30 years, Cerner has developed solutions that have helped improve quality of care and care efficiency via an integrated clinical information system used by thousands of hospitals all over the world and by hundreds of thousands of clinicians. Cerner contributes to the systematic improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities.

Cerner France at a glance: 41,800 users, 27,000 beds deployed and around 2 million multi-modal orders placed every month.

About Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes

The Centre hospitalier de Valenciennes is an organisation with more than 1,800 beds and spaces, ranked among the 40 most important hospital sites in France, including CHUs (University Medical Centres). Since 2009, along with the AHNAC group who shares the same goals, they have been working to optimise their information systems and to provide the best possible care for the patients of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.


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