NHS Change Day – Disrupting the Status Quo

25 February 2013

In my previous blog post, I discussed my approach to population health, starting with the fact that as an individual, I can change my attitude towards my own health and wellbeing. But what if a whole organisation needed to change? How would that work – can we still apply the same logic?

Driven by a simple principle, “Because it’s Personal,” Cerner is moving through one of those changes at the moment, from a health IT company to a true health partner. It’s personal for me because I want to ensure that clinicians are guided to institute best practice care for all their patients, ensuring that “never-events” really are “never-events.” In the UK, the recent publication of the Francis Report shows just what can happen in an organisation if they lose their focus and forget that the delivery of healthcare is “personal.” Whilst all manner of technological solutions can be employed to improve communication, prevent clinical harm, and improve the engagement of individuals in their own health, is that enough?

You can read the entire blog post by Russell Mayne, a Clinical Strategist with Cerner in the UK, on the U.S. blog.