AMEOS Group Puts Trust in Cerner's Information Technology Solutions

04 June 2013

Two additional hospitals will implement Cerner Millennium

IDSTEIN, Germany — June 4, 2013 — Cerner (Nasdaq: CERN) announces that the AMEOS Group, a Cerner client since 2005, will implement the clinical information system Cerner Millennium® in two new facilities within the coming months. As part of the implementation, Lighthouse® will be installed for the first time in Germany at Aschersleben and Staßfurt.

Lighthouse supports the AMEOS Group's objectives to increase patient safety and care quality while adding value and creating additional revenue. It supports clinicians and nursing staff in their daily workflow: Utilizing industry standard clinical workflows and the embedded decision support with consequential notifications, sepsis may be detected and treated at early stages which could help prevent further complications. Additional opportunities arise from enhancements in discharge management, the reduction and prevention of falls and pressure ulcers, time savings in the nursing workflow and improved documentation of patient complexity scores.

Cerner and the AMEOS Group have built a strong cooperative partnership and collaboratively developed cutting-edge IT solutions that have proven successful and innovative for coding and administration.

Dr. Stephan Zahn, Chief Technology Officer of the AMEOS Group, is delighted about the further collaboration: "Cerner's strategy of approaching IT solutions has fully convinced me. With the support of Cerner Millennium, we aspire to make use of synergic effects and new opportunities. In addition to increased patient safety and clinical outcome quality, we expect substantial savings and additional revenue. The system provides opportunities to optimise organisation management and controlling. Hence, Cerner Millennium is not only a clinical information system that stores patient data and test results, but a complex management tool. Through the deployment of the solution in other AMEOS hospitals the benefits are well known".

"For us, AMEOS is an important reference site,” said Holger Cordes, General Manager of Cerner Deutschland GmbH. “We have set new standards together and today we are looking at a new generation of systems. While our traditional objectives of supporting clinical processes and billing are still at the base of our work, integrative and comprehensive approaches that provide clinical decision support have become more and more important. The AMEOS Group is a pioneer in Germany in achieving these new objectives".

About Cerner

For more than 30 years Cerner has been executing its vision to make health care safer and more efficient. Cerner started out by digitising paper based processes. Today Cerner provides a comprehensive offering of software solutions, expert services, and device connectivity. Cerner® solutions are implemented in physician offices and ambulatory health care centres as well as in large hospitals and multi-facility organisations. Taking what we’ve learned over more than three decades, Cerner is building on the knowledge that is in the system to support evidence-based clinical decisions, prevent medical errors and empower patients in their treatments. Cerner solutions are currently licensed to approximately 10,000 facilities world-wide, including more than 2,700 hospitals and 4,150 physician offices.

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AMEOS is one of the most important health care providers in the German speaking markets. The Group's headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2002, its mission is to acquire existing hospitals and to modernise them for a long-term future. In 56 hospitals, nursing and integration facilities at 30 different locations with an overall of 6,550 beds and approximately 8,600 clinicians, high-end medical and nursing outcomes are realized in an efficient and human manner. They provide the community in regional networks - the so-called AMEOS Regions - with comprehensive medical care. Its broad range of services affords AMEOS a unique position in the health care market.

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