The first hospital in the UK to achieve HIMSS stage 6 is a Cerner client

15 October 2014

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust has been recognised as a leader in IT practice in healthcare in the UK by the international health information body HIMSS Europe. In a first for the NHS in England, the Trust has been awarded one of the highest grades of award for its use of IT systems to improve patient care that HIMSS Europe can bestow. The award was presented to the Trust at a ceremony in Rome, Italy, on Monday 6 October.

HIMSS Europe is the European arm of the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), a multinational not-for-profit organisation which recognises hospitals that have improved their delivery of healthcare through the use of information technology and electronic management systems. It grades hospitals based using the European Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), with ratings running from 0 to 7. Grading criteria are strict, and only those organisations that can demonstrate effective electronic systems for specific functions such as patient records and medicines management are able to achieve a high grade.

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust was awarded a ‘Grade 6’ rating; the level of award that is also held by world-renowned centres of healthcare excellence such as John Hopkins Hospital in the USA. The Trust is the first in the UK to achieve a Grade 6 rating, and no UK Trusts currently hold a Grade 7.

The backbone of the Trust’s medical IT system is the Cerner Millennium® Electronic Medical Record, which was implemented in the organisation in September 2013 through a local supplier provider contract with BT and Cerner which is managed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. A unified and integrated clinical, medical and administrative system, Cerner Millennium lets staff create safe and fully-integrated patient records. These can be accessed by staff as they progress through the different departments at the Trust to ensure that all of their information is stored centrally and that critical information is always available for the doctors, nurses and other staff who are treating them. This helps to reduce errors and provides better patient care.

Trust Chief Executive John Goulston, who oversaw the roll-out of the system, said:

“I am thrilled that HIMSS have recognised the success of the Trust in improving patient care by implementing the Cerner Millennium system. The system was designed to support what the Trust aspires to deliver to all of our patients: safe, effective and efficient care. Cerner Millennium is working effectively across the Trust and, as an integrated care organisation, our patients are benefitting from it every day, with staff both in hospital and the community can make more informed decisions, able to instantly access all of the information recorded for each patient at the touch of a button.”

Emil Peters, Vice President and Managing Director of Cerner Limited said:

“Cerner is very proud to have been able to support Croydon Health Services NHS Trust in their achievement and congratulates them on this award. EPR adoption is proving to be the path to better, safer, and more joined-up care and I look forward to seeing more organisations across the NHS improve these systems to support their staff, their patients and the communities they serve.”