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Cerner is proud to have signed techUK’s Health and Social Care Interoperability Charter

21 September 2015

At Cerner we firmly support techUK’s interoperability charter and the principles contained therein. We believe that in order to deliver real integrated health and care, it should be a fundamental patient right that their data can flow to the appropriate place where it is needed for health or care regardless of provider, vendor or venue.

Integrated care is a key element of modern healthcare – patient centric systems improve the health of populations and communities, they also reduce the cost of care delivery and increase productivity. Furthermore interoperability not only improves patients’ safety but also standards of care. However, in these times of constant change, interoperability between the different systems can still be challenging to implement and not always a given.

In signing up to this charter we pledge to make available the technical specifications of our interfaces to other suppliers and to the NHS and Local Authorities and we will also use internationally recognised standards where appropriate standards exist. This is a significant step to help delivering the new models of care which will transform the care given to the UK population.

Our policy is to support cooperative working with other suppliers in developing interfaces where there is sufficient demand from care providers, such that any development work undertaken is a precursor to subsequent interface implementation and use. Furthermore, any new interface development would be accountable to the same recognised standards and subject to a rigorous process to maintain quality and consistency.

For new interface development work where required standards do not exist then we will progress when an appropriate standards-development organisation has been identified.

To find out more about the principles in the Charter, please visit techUK’s website.

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