Cerner Innovations Towers To Sit at the Intersection of Health Care and Information Technology

October 11, 2016

The new campus road names and address announced

Cerner, a global leader in health care technology, today announced street names and building numbers for its Innovations project. Upon entering the Cerner property, Hillcrest Road will become two separate streets, Information Technology and Health Care. This update purposely places the main campus towers at the intersection of health care and information technology, a metaphor central to Cerner’s vision and mission.

“This will be a daily reminder of our purpose and passion. Each element of this campus will reflect our culture and focus. The naming and numbering is a unique way to share the history of health care and translate the language of technology for our visitors and associates,” said Mike Nill, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Cerner.

Hillcrest Road will be renamed Health Care from 87th Street to the towers. The road will be Information Technology from the south roundabout to East 93rd Street. The entire campus road system will be comprised of at least 15 drives and roads, all named after a pioneer in the fields of health care or technology. For example:

• Nightingale Road will border part of the property, honoring Florence Nightingale as the founder of modern nursing.
• Curie Road, representing Marie Curie as a chief pioneer in radioactivity and the first woman granted a Nobel Prize, as well as the first person to earn two.
• Lovelace Drive pays homage to Ada Lovelace, the mother of computer science and first computer programmer.
• Babbage Drive will outline the west side of the property and references Charles Babbage, who is considered the father of the computer.

The campus buildings’ numbering system will also be a nod to technology with a basis in powers of two, which are common in computer science and mathematics. They will range from 25 to 213 , with the first pair of buildings numbered 1024, which converts in bytes to one kilobyte. These first two buildings will be the main visitor entrance.

The street names will only be for internal Cerner property use. The official campus address filed with the city is 8779 Hillcrest Road. Continuing the Cerner and technology theme, the address No. 8779 was deliberately chosen to reflect the company’s history. Cerner was founded in 1979 and entered its first full calendar year as a publicly traded company in 1987. In addition, when 8779 is converted to Unicode, an international encoding standard, it equates to the symbol ≋ , denoting three trails.

Cerner’s continued growth prompted the development of Innovations. Construction continues on the site and the exterior wall structure is nearly complete on both towers. The flooring is being installed on office floors and interior construction and finishes are nearing completion.

Read Cerner’s official blog at, for the entire list of road names and more detail behind Innovations’ building numbers.