Cerner Launches High-Tech Hospital Room, First-Of-Its-Kind


The Cerner Smart Room empowers patients, puts vital info at clinicians’ fingertips

Dubai, UAE — June 1, 2009 — Cerner, the leading global supplier of healthcare information technology (HIT) solutions in the region, has announced today the launch of Cerner Smart Room, the first HIT development of its kind in the Middle East, during a press conference at the Cerner Middle East Dubai office in Knowledge Village.

The typical hospital stay for most patients includes medical staff coming in and out of their room at seemingly random times, doctors and nurses writing notes in a paper chart and basic TV with lots of re-runs. This is what people used to experience during their hospital stays. But now, with its Smart Room, Cerner is changing the experience of the average hospital stay. Imagine knowing when your doctor was scheduled to come for a visit or when the laboratory was coming to draw blood. What if you could see a photo and bio of the nurse appear on a flat-screen TV at your bedside as soon as she walks into the room? How about being able to access your personal health record and information about your health condition on that same TV screen?

“The Cerner® solutions in the Smart Room give patients access to their health information to help them be active participants in their care, improves patient communication with healthcare providers and provides education and entertainment,”  said Richard Berner, Cerner Middle East vice president and general manager.  “This helps make the patient’s stay in a hospital a little more comfortable while at the same time improving patient safety and clinician satisfaction.”

The Smart Room incorporates technology and workflow solutions to improve patient care and clinician efficiency. Some of the innovative technologies used in the Smart Room include:

    * Cerner CareAware™ – Device connectivity architecture that connects medical devices to the electronic medical record (EMR). Devices can be automatically programmed with information from the EMR, and data from devices can feed directly into the patient record.

    * Cerner myStation™ – Education and entertainment console that allows patients to access bios and photos of their caregivers, information about their condition, their personal health record and medications; to review their scheduled appointments for the day and clinician-recommended tasks; to study information about their health condition; to communicate electronically with clinicians; and to enjoy movies, music and games.

    * Cerner CareAware iAware™ – Dashboard that gives clinicians a single, personalized view of all information relevant to patient care.

The Cerner Smart Room will be on display at the Cerner Middle East Dubai office located at the office park building in the Knowledge Village. Journalists who are interested in touring the Smart Room can contact Dina Tewfik at

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