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SEHA and Cerner Continue Their Partnership to Transform Healthcare


SEHA facilities will implement Cerner solutions across all facilities and venues of care to improve patient safety and quality

Abu Dhabi, UAE — May 11, 2010 — The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA) and Cerner announced today the extension and expansion of their agreement to automate and optimize healthcare in Abu Dhabi. As a result of successfully implementing Cerner’s solutions at five SEHA hospitals, 12 ambulatory healthcare clinics and multiple primary healthcare clinics, SEHA and Cerner have expanded their agreement to include the option to implement all Cerner® solutions offered in the U.A.E. across all SEHA Business Entities that make up the SEHA HealthSystem. SEHA manages the curative activities of the public hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the largest of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The new solution options expand upon SEHA’s initial deal with Cerner signed in 2005 to deliver a suite of 15 solutions to four Hospitals. Cerner provides fully integrated health information technology (HIT) solutions to more than twenty hospitals in the United Arab Emirates.

Cerner Millennium
® solutions are improving care for patients served in the SEHA HealthSystem in a number of ways:

  • Ensuring medication safety. When prescribing medications, physicians can access the patient’s medical history, including allergies and diagnostic results, along with knowledge based alerts that warn physicians and pharmacists of harmful interactions;
  • Reducing medical errors. Illegible, handwritten orders and transcription errors are eliminated through the use of electronic order entry; and
  • Improving access to information- Clinicians have immediate access to a unified patient electronic health record (EHR) for all SEHA sites that has up-to-the-minute information about the patient including past visits, lab results, radiology images and medical devices connected directly to the EHR.

“SEHA’s successful partnership with Cerner has already improved the quality of healthcare delivery in the Emirate,” said Carl V. Stanifer, SEHA chairman. “Our continued partnership with Cerner will help healthcare professionals further elevate safety, quality and efficiency for the more than five million patients that visit SEHA hospitals each year.”

SEHA has committed to implementing a system-wide EHR for all of its hospitals and clinics as part of its vision to create a connected healthcare system and improve the quality of care in Abu Dhabi. Cerner Millennium solutions are being used to improve patient safety and to improve quality and operational effectiveness. Clinicians in the SEHA HealthSystem also are using Cerner Millennium solutions to document care and place orders in the EHR. SEHA’s additional solution implementation will automate processes for women’s health, clinical trials, point of care medication administration and the critical care and laboratory departments.

Cerner Millennium solutions allow our clinicians to improve patient safety by standardizing care and reducing error,” said Robert Pickton, SEHA chief information officer. “The unified Cerner Millennium electronic health record connects all SEHA hospitals and clinics providing doctors and nurses with real-time patient information and access to evidence-based protocols designed to improve clinician knowledge and prevent medical errors.”

The additional implementation across the SEHA HealthSystem will include the Lighthouse® solution which helps identify opportunities for process improvement projects to streamline throughput, increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase patient safety. This solution also helps hospitals meet regulatory requirements and focus on the use of data to improve the healthcare delivery process.

“We are proud at Cerner of our partnership with SEHA and what we have accomplished together to create a better experience for SEHA patients,” said Richard Berner, Cerner Middle East vice president and general manager. “We look forward to continuing our journey to improve the quality of Care in Abu Dhabi by seamlessly connecting and optimizing the UAE healthcare system.”

About the SEHA HealthSystem and the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA)
SEHA is health in Arabic. The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC – whose corporate identity is SEHA – is an independent, public joint stock company created to develop the curative activities of the public healthcare system in Abu Dhabi. The company owns and operates all the public hospitals and clinics of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi which together make up the SEHA HealthSystem. SEHA is committed to providing high quality, cost effective healthcare in a socially responsible way on par with international standards measured through accessibility, affordability, choice and satisfaction. SEHA has partnered with internationally recognized hospital managers to achieve these goals. These include Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, VAMED, Vienna Medical University and Bumrungrad International. SEHA owns and operates 12 hospitals with 2,644 beds, 62 ambulatory care, family care and urgent care centers and 2 blood banks. SEHA is one of the largest integrated healthcare providers in the Middle East with 16,500 doctors, nurses, ancillary care and administrative personnel in its employ. Visit our website at

About Cerner
Cerner is transforming healthcare by eliminating error, variance and waste for healthcare providers and consumers around the world. Cerner® solutions optimize processes for healthcare organizations ranging in size from single-doctor practices, to health systems, to entire countries, for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and for the healthcare commerce system.These solutions are licensed by more than 8,500 facilities around the world, including approximately 2,300 hospitals; 3,400 physician practices covering more than 30,000 physicians; 600 ambulatory facilities, such as laboratories, ambulatory centers, cardiac facilities, radiology clinics and surgery centers; 700 home-health facilities; and 1,500 retail pharmacies. The trademarks, service marks and logos (collectively, the “Marks”) set forth herein are registered and unregistered trademarks and/or service marks owned by Cerner Corporation and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and certain other countries throughout the world. Nasdaq: CERN. For more information about Cerner, please visit our website at

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