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Long-Term Care

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    Connecting LTC to every venue of care

    At Cerner, we’ve helped 20,000 clients connect people and systems in health care. Now, our EHR is bringing those connections to your long-term care organization. Click below to request more information.



    Clinical Electronic Health Record: PowerChart LTC  is a true enterprise solution that helps long-term care organizations of any size consolidate resident health information into a single person-centered electronic health record.


    Point of Care Electronic Documentation: CareTracker helps thousands of long-term care organizations record required resident documentation. As the information is entered, the system constantly scans for changes and sends alerts when residents’ conditions change.


    MDS Intelligence is a comprehensive solution for the creation, submission and analysis of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


    Revenue Cycle makes it easier to get paid by tying clinical and financial information together across the care continuum.


    Interoperability Cerner is driving collaboration efforts around open standards by accelerating the adoption of rapidly evolving standards like SMART on FHIR and through the CommonWell Health Alliance.