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Patient Portal

  • Provide secure messaging, lab results, eVisits, and appointment scheduling between your patients and providers with Cerner Patient Portal.

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    With the Patient Portal, patients can manage their health care outside of the traditional office visit. What to expect by linking physician and patient:

    • Provide new patient registration forms online; no more clipboards
    • Send appointment information anytime, anywhere
    • Share lab results and data from Cerner’s EHR
    • Expect customization with turn on/off features and an office pool

    Key Benefits of Cerner Patient Portal

    • HIPAA-compliant way to communicate with patients
    • Fewer phone calls to the office
    • Patients love the secure messaging to fill Rx, update demographics, and request appointments
    • Patients can view, download, and transmit parts of the health record

    “My patients really love the patient portal. It’s a better way to communicate with the office and not have to wait on the phone to talk to a secretary. They are able to communicate at their convenience.”

    — Gregory Kiray, M.D., IU Medical Group (Indianapolis, Ind.)