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Cerner Automation

  • Cerner Automation provides the most flexible, open automation solution available for today’s clinical laboratory.

    Cerner Laboratory has always been focused on optimizing the workflow of the modern laboratory. Automation is just one factor in the process.

    Many labs already have some degree of automation in place, which is typically contained in one area of the laboratory and confined to one device maker. With Cerner Automation you will be able to sort and deliver all specimens to all analyzers, from any vendor, anywhere in your lab. Cerner Automation has no limits or boundaries on the connection points between your laboratory devices and your workflow. Our system allows you to use your current analyzers or choose best of breed to work with our system. And, it is completely customizable and scalable.

    Key Benefits of Cerner Automation

    • Sort and deliver all specimens anywhere in the lab
    • Utilize any combination of analyzers
    • Increase capacity without increasing staff
    • Achieve a new level of consistency
    • Change or add analyzers any time for optimum flexibility
    • Reduce lab turnaround times
    • Minimize bio-hazard contact