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CareAware - We Do More Than Simply Alert

  • An intelligent, comprehensive system to end alarm fatigue.

    Looking for tools to help you weed out nuisance alarms?

    Find the answers under the orange CareAware banner at HIMSS booth #6965. See how unparalleled device connectivity and a consultative Lean Six Sigma Approach can help you achieve comprehensive alerting intelligence that will exceed the upcoming Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal.

    We do more than simply alert

    The multitude of medical device alarms that caregivers must contend with each day is overwhelming and causing alert fatigue and patient risk. Alarms for medical devices were created for patient safety, yet they’ve created a noisy, chaotic environment. Studies show most of these alarms are false positives or non-actionable, and only divert the busy clinician’s workflow.

    We developed CareAware Alarm Management to provide you the tools you need to develop a comprehensive program that will go above and beyond the upcoming Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal. With the right technology and expertise for best practices, analytics and intelligent alerting, your clinicians can act on actionable patient alerts and weed out the nuisance alarms.

    An estimated 85% to 95% of alarms don't require any intervention."
    -- The Joint Commission

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