UCL and Cerner in New London Digital Health Research Partnership

October 14, 2016

 London, 14/10/2016 – The UCL Institute of Digital Health and Cerner UK have signed a new partnership which will focus on advancing research, innovation and training in health informatics.

UCL is a world-leading, research-intensive, higher-education institution with expertise in the conduct of basic and applied research and teaching across a broad range of disciplines. Cerner is a global leader in the health IT market with the objective to contribute to the systemic improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities.

Cerner and UCL have been working together in many different ways and there are many great ties between the two organisations. Some of Cerner’s staff trained at UCL, worked in UCL Partners and its affiliated organisations, and teach at UCL - including in health informatics. With the establishment of UCL’s Institute for Digital Health, there is a great opportunity to forge an even stronger partnership.

Ann Blandford, Director of UCL Institute of Digital Health said “Digital technologies are becoming increasingly important in healthcare and in health research. The Institute of Digital Health represents world-class researchers across UCL who are delivering transformational interdisciplinary research at the intersection of health, human and data sciences. We are keen to further this agenda by partnering with organisations who have expertise that complements our own. UCL has a long-standing relationship with Cerner, in both research and teaching, and this is a great opportunity to build on past collaborations and to deliver future research that makes a real difference in practice.”

Through this formal partnership, Cerner and UCL Institute of Digital Health have agreed to work together and focus on closing the gap between research and practice, developing the future health care workforce and reducing time to market of digital health innovations.

Geoff Segal, General Manager, Cerner UK and Ireland said “UCL is one of the world’s leading universities, and partnering with their Institute of Digital Health is a fantastic opportunity to combine efforts to deliver better, safer and more efficient health IT to the market. Our visions are aligned, and believe that our partnership working on knowledge, research, education and innovation will accelerate and magnify the impact of research on the delivery of better patient care. With this partnership, not only will we focus on what health and care of the future should look like, we will also make sure that this future is delivered to care providers as soon as possible and that the workforce is ready for it.”

Both organisations have the same ambition to close the gap between what is learned in research and what is delivered in health care practice. This partnership will also focus on improving the often lengthy time it takes to get new research and innovations into working practice. Together UCL and Cerner will create new opportunities to conduct research as well as embedding research into routine care. The partnership will also leverage Cerner’s experience in bringing innovations to market.

Dr Justin Whatling, Vice President Population Health at Cerner and Visiting Professor in health informatics at UCL, said “I am delighted to see this formalisation of a strong past working relationship between UCL and Cerner, and a commitment to new work together to benefit health and care. There is an unacceptable gulf between what is learned in research and what is routinely applied in everyday clinical practice - together we are committed to closing this gap”.

Many students trained in UCL end up working in NHS Trusts where Cerner has a substantial presence with its information systems. Cerner has experience in other countries, working with universities to support undergraduate training and has built similar relationships in the UK with UCL. As part of this partnership Cerner is providing education material, onsite teaching, speakers, a patient record training platform for undergraduates, sponsorship of an annual informatics dissertation, and internship opportunities.

About UCL (University College London)

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  • By: Cerner, October 14, 2016