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Community Impact

On June 8, 2022, Oracle completed the acquisition of Cerner.

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True to our corporate mission, we seek to develop the communities where our associates live and work, so that individuals have access to the tools they need to be educated, healthy and productive. Listed below are priority funding areas for our community initiatives.

Health and wellness initiatives

A keen knowledge of personal health and the factors that affect it is vital to improving medical conditions that plague individuals across the globe. By combining knowledge with prevention and early detection of chronic conditions, we believe there is true potential to achieve reformed healthcare.

Cerner Charitable Foundation

Founded in 1995, Cerner Charitable Foundation is dedicated to building healthier tomorrows and stronger communities around the world. The foundation provides equitable access to healthcare for children through individual medical grants and health and wellness programming.

Through engaging volunteer opportunities for associates and community initiatives, the foundation is reducing disparities, developing tomorrow’s transformative leaders and improving communities around the world. To learn more about Cerner Charitable Foundation’s community grants, please visit the Cerner Charitable Foundation website. When reviewing requests for support, priority is given to nonprofit organizations that have a measurable impact to the community.

Cerner Charitable Foundation supports the healthcare industry and veteran communities through strategic grants and initiatives.

With a vision of an equitable world where individuals and communities thrive, Cerner Charitable Foundation serves as the primary philanthropic organization supported by Cerner associates, business partners and community members.

In its a rich 25-year history, the foundation has improved the lives of nearly 660,000 people in 93 countries.

STEM education

We believe in building 21st century skills through real-world student learning. Through a three-pronged approach of advocacy, exploration and engagement, Cerner is investing in the education of tomorrow's technical workforce. Each year, Cerner supports students from all over the Kansas City area through our K-12 and university partnerships and programs. Associates also lend their time to job shadow programs, educational externships, mentoring and more. For more information on Cerner's student programs, please read the Student Development section on Cerner Careers.

Regional development

We value entrepreneurism and how to develop it in the areas of life sciences, technology, innovation, and scientific research.

We support organizations that promote business and economic development in their respective community. Cerner is a proud member of the Missouri, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Greater Kansas City Chambers of Commerce. We also lend our support to local development councils and life sciences institutes.

Cerner Client Charitable Contribution Forms

More about us

About Us

For 40 years, we’ve worked at the intersection of healthcare and information technology to connect people and systems around the world. It’s our mission to relentlessly seek breakthrough innovation that will shape healthcare of tomorrow.


Read the latest from thought leaders at the intersection of health and care.


Be a part of something that matters. Something that affects every single person, every single day — people’s health and the care they receive.

Client Achievements

When our clients move the meter in healthcare – increasing quality of care, reducing waste, and lowering costs – we celebrate their efforts and share the wisdom gained by their success.

Community Impact

We are devoted to improving the quality of life for everyone we serve. We seek to enhance communities through the development of healthy and educated individuals.


We applaud the accomplishments of our clients and associates.


We strive to align our supplier relationships to extend, enable, and maximize the benefits our clients derive from Cerner solutions.

Corporate Responsibility

Cerner is transforming the healthcare of tomorrow through responsible innovation. We respect and encourage the perspectives of every person, value our diversity, act with integrity and diligently deliver on our commitments.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion is core to our mission. Our associates make up diverse teams from across the globe, bringing unique perspectives to their work to deliver smart solutions that improve the future of healthcare.

Accessibility Statement

Cerner Corporation is committed to ensuring our products are accessible to everyone. We believe that accessible technology is a key element of our mission to “relentlessly seek breakthrough innovation that will shape health care of tomorrow.”