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Cerner Ethics & Whistleblower Hotline

You may report any unlawful or unethical situation via Cerner’s Ethics & Whistleblower Hotline, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone number (or website address, if applicable) for accessing the Ethics & Whistleblower Hotline from your country can be found below. Cerner’s Ethics & Whistleblower Hotline is confidential, except as needed to conduct a full, fair investigation. You may remain anonymous if you choose, except where restricted by local law. Due to local privacy laws in certain countries and the European Union, the Ethics & Whistleblower Hotline may permit only specific types of calls, such as financial, accounting, auditing and bribery related offenses or offenses committed by company executives or persons with a management role. In those countries, contact an HR Partner (only for Cerner associates) or the Cerner Legal Group (for any others) to report other issues. All reports of unlawful or unethical conduct will be investigated promptly.

Australia: 1-300-614-055

Belgium: 001-612-767-4969


Canada: 1-800-338-9086

Finland: 00-44-800-069-8652

France: 00-49-3221-100-1429

Germany: 49-3221-100-1429

India: 000-800-100-4560

Ireland: 00-44-800-069-8652

Malaysia: 00-1-612-767-4968


Middle East - Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia: 00-1-612-767-4968

Netherlands: 001-612-767-4969

Norway: 00-44-800-069-8652

Portugal: 00-34-900-839206

Singapore: 001 61 1 300 614 055

Spain: 900-839206

Sweden: 00-44-800-069-8652

UAE: 8000-3570-3898

UK: 0-800-069-8652

U.S.: 1-800-338-9086

All other locations: