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by Michael Schelper
Published on August 14, 2017

Better patient care is increasingly dependent upon a world class health care technology

Cerner has specialized in health care technology since its founding in the US in 1979. Cerner Middle East dates to 1991 and they now have clients in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

Empowering the health care professionals with the best health care technologies will help create the best experience for their patients.

Nurses might spend 60 per cent of their time in administrative tasks. We want to support the work flow, reduce human errors and minimize the administrative burden. This gives a better health care experience for patients and creates satisfaction for caregivers.

Cerner’s Millennium® solution is one example. Electronic medical records reduce paperwork and provide a seamless data flow. If a patient is moved from an emergency unit to a hospital ward, the health care professionals will have unified access to the patient’s data.

Other major innovations include medicine dispensation and smart documentation. Medicine can be dispensed with the scan of a badge, while reports can be generated using a template of predefined text. The goal is improved efficiency and increased safety so patients enjoy better health.

In addition, Cerner’s holistic offering is optimized for Middle Eastern countries. The system can adjust medicine schedules based upon Ramadan hours or prayer times, and the patient portal is available in Arabic.

The patient portal is a great tool that allows patients to communicate with their care providers. It gives them access to their medical records, which are updated in near real time, allows them to make medical appointments, and send messages to their doctor.

Cerner has also introduced population health management analytics solutions, which is about making sure the patient data is proactively being used appropriately along with preventive medicine to effectively manage health.

Cerner is guided by its motto “Know, Engage, Manage.” Ensuring a population’s health is managed effectively involves knowing the people afflicted with hypertension, for example, and being able to recall and treat them. Once those patients are engaged, you want to keep them healthy by working with them so their conditions can be managed.

Cerner has been working with visionary leadership in the GCC for the creation of a unified medical record – data that can be shared among and accessed by multiple health organizations so they can better manage a population’s health.

*This was published in CEO Report, a supplement by Gulf News, one of the leading UAE English newspapers.

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