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by Himanshu Puri | Bashar Balish
Published on August 15, 2022


In this episode—recorded at Oracle Cerner Middle East and Africa Collaboration Forum 2022—Dr. Bashar Balish, Senior Director and Client Site Leader at Oracle Cerner, speaks with keynote speaker Himanshu Puri, Head of Information Technology, King's College Hospital London, UAE, about how the pandemic opened new opportunities for patient engagement and which innovations healthcare systems are utilizing to deliver better care.

Listen as they discuss:  

  • What is the range in the definition of patient engagement? (2:10)
  • What are the drivers that can help organizations define and design patient engagement strategy? (4:56)
  • What are the barriers to patient engagement? (13:03)
  • How do we overcome these challenges? (17:50)
  • How have you used mobile apps and patient portals to engage your patients? (22:21)

Notable quotes:

“It’s only recently that we have started to tap into the biggest asset of the industry, it’s only recently that we’ve started to partner with the biggest player of the industry: the patient.” - Himanshu Puri

“The healthier your patients feel, the more engaged they feel, they will become more proactive for care.” – Himanshu Puri

“Patient engagement is incomplete without provider engagement.” – Himanshu Puri

“You can never achieve everything at once. We say incremental innovation is the best innovation.” – Himanshu Puri

“Patient engagement equals data, but data does not equal EMR. Data equals all of your support systems, all of your policies, all of your efforts to engage your patient, whether it’s coming from social media, from different solutions, whether it’s coming from a Kingsman of your organization … it’s way wider than linking it to a standard workflow within your EMR.” – Dr. Bashar Balish.


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