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by Vivian Gendy
Published on May 4, 2017

We look forward to hosting our esteemed guest speakers. Here is a sneak peek of a few sessions:

Keynote – Monday 22nd 2017

The new era of patient partnerships

The 21st century has brought unprecedented change to all areas of life, driven by four fundamental shifts: demographic change as people live longer, the internet, personal technology, and the social and economic push from mass production to mass customization. These changes are driving the evolution of both the science and the practice of medicine: precision medicine and personalized care; population health management, not just individual care; and increased emphasis on the value of care, not just the volume. In every one of these domains, the importance of the individual patient is increasing.

How can we learn to add this new focus to our existing skills?

"e-Patient Dave" experienced his near-death cancer as a high tech businessman who has seen many industries change. He understands how these forces are changing healthcare in important ways, technologically and sociologically, and the impact on business. He presents his vision for the arriving new world of better care through partnerships.

Dave deBronkart, known on the internet as e-Patient Dave, is the author of the highly rated Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbook and one of the world’s leading advocates for patient engagement. After beating stage IV kidney cancer in 2007 he became a blogger, health policy advisor and international keynote speaker. An accomplished speaker in his professional life before cancer, he is today the best-known spokesman for the patient engagement movement, attending over 500 conferences and policy meetings in fifteen countries, including testifying in Washington for patient access to the medical record under Meaningful Use.

Panel Discussion – Monday 22nd 2017

Cybersecurity Case Study: What to do in the event of a Ransomware attack

Would you know what to do if your business or client suffered a cyber-breach or was attacked by ransomware? Join us for an interactive live case study where our experienced panel take on various roles to bring together industry insights on the ever-increasing cyber security risks and threats facing your organization. They will offer practical guidance on how to handle and minimize the impact and reputational damage to your organization, should a breach occur.

Role play titles:

Dr Colin Fincham, Chief Executive Officer

Alex Brazeau, Chief Marketing Officer

Daryl Cox, Chief Legal Officer

Jim Massey, Chief Technology Officer

As Cerner’s Senior Executive and Chief Medical Officer of the Middle East and Africa region, Dr Colin is responsible for on-going health IT adoption and physician transformation, ensuring clinical relevance and safety of Cerner projects, sales support and other relevant strategic endeavours. In his role, he works with Cerner’s chief medical officer (CMO) and chief medical information officer (CMIO) communities to align strategic capabilities with the current and future needs of those communities.

Alexandre is an Associate at Pinsent Masons’ Dubai office. He specializes in corporate and technology law after obtaining a Juris Doctor from one of Canada's leading law faculties at the University of Ottawa. Alexandre has studied both common and civil law and is also fluent in French. He offers a wide range of experience working on regulatory matters as well as client matters pertaining to telecommunications, IT outsourcing, data protection, cloud services and licensing.

Daryl Cox is a specialist telecommunications, media and technology lawyer with over a decade of experience in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. He advises on strategic and business critical projects such as complex sourcing projects (e.g. smart city projects), regulatory and compliance projects (e.g. security and data protection), network and platform rollouts, competition law in the communications sector, and corporate transactions.

Jim Massey is an Executive Director, Innovator at Cerner Middle East. With over 30 years in IT design and business consulting, Jim has a wealth of international experience. Having worked for major systems integrators such as IBM he has led the design, implementation and support of enterprise systems in Europe and the Middle East. With executives from clients in most business sectors he has worked to enable a smooth transition to new complex systems through the management of change to ensure that the implementation is painless and the adoption as smooth as possible.

Keynote – Tuesday 23rd 2017

Leading High Performing Teams

During the presentation, Alex Davda will share the gruelling journey of the winning Abu Dhabi Volvo Ocean Race Crew in order to understand what it really takes to lead a high-performance team both in sport and business.

The research, spanning over 18 months explores four team performance drivers that explain how the ADOR team sustained their peak performance in the face of intense competition.

The presentation will share insights into leadership in dynamic and unpredictable environments and how team learning can prove a competitive advantage. Given the duration of the race and the relevance of the many challenges faced, the findings provide new insights and interest for leaders in today’s modern organizations.

Alex Davda is a business psychologist and has deep expertise in the application of psychometric instruments as methods for individuals and organizations to begin to assess their management and leadership capabilities, from high-potential talent to middle management and senior leadership. He has broad experience in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, supporting clients in the application of a range of innovative and often large-scale assessment and development approaches. Alex’s specific research interests are in the areas of positive psychology, resilience and well-being at work.

General Session – Tuesday 23rd 2017

Pediatric Precision Medicine: Genomic- and Ontogeny- Linked Dose Individualization and Clinical Optimization for Kids (GOLDILOKs)

In this session we will review the challenges associated with current standards of medication management in children. We will explore an alternative paradigm that is relevant to both clinical practice and research involving pediatric clinical pharmacology. Finally, we will examine the development and implementation of EHR-embedded, decision support that permits clinicians to refine dosing so that each child receives the right dose of the right drug at the right time.

Susan M. Abdel-Rahman, Pharm.D. is a Professor of Pediatrics at UMKC-School of Medicine and Chief of the Section of Therapeutic Innovation at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City. She directs a laboratory based research program emphasizing analytical chemistry and molecular genetics and has overseen more than two dozen clinical trials spanning the range from small, single-site pharmacokinetic studies to large population based epidemiologic investigations. Dr. Abdel-Rahman is the Principal Investigator and Program Director for the CMH T32 Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology fellowship program and provides both didactic and practical instruction to medical, pharmacy and nursing students having taught in and/or coordinated over 15 different didactic and experiential courses.