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by Vivian Gendy
Published on April 23, 2018

We look forward to hosting our esteemed guest speakers. Here is a sneak peek for a few sessions:

Monday, 7 May

Tomorrow, Talks - AI in healthcare – the uncanny valley

Baher Al Hakim, CEO / Medicus

Baher Al Hakim’s Tomorrow, Talks will explore how artificial intelligence is all around us in our daily experiences yet it’s oddly absent in healthcare. The talk presents a simple theory of the underlying cause and ends with recommendations to better introduce AI to healthcare.

Baher is a dentist by study and a serial entrepreneur by practice, with 14 years experience in a broad spectrum of disciplines including product & technology, business, sales and marketing. Since June 2015, he is the CEO of Medicus AI, applying the latest technologies & trends in AI, mobile and design into redefining the state of healthcare. Before Medicus, he founded a number of startups, including CloudAppers digital agency in 2008, napkin startup studio in 2012, and Wally, a smart personal finance app that became no. 1 finance app in 22 countries. 

Tomorrow, Talks – Hospitals of the future

Malek El Husseini, Healthcare CEO, Byrne medical

Malek El Husseini will talk about how digital health will transform our vision for the hospital of the future. The talk will highlight how together we will collect better, more and accurate data about consumer (patient) pattern to be able to optimize and build sustainable health. Sustainable health is about promoting well-being delivering connected and better healthcare and pursuing innovation.

Malek serves since June 2017 as CEO of Byrne medical a leasing company working mainly into GCC countries and function into operating lease space for medical equipment, Byrne the mother company is active in leasing of equipment for the last 20 years.

Tomorrow, Talks – Democratizing healthcare - connecting doctors with patients across the globe

Ahmad Al-Hidiq, Co-Founder & CEO, HeyDoc!

Ahmad Al-Hidiq will examine how healthcare is on the path of becoming democratized. With patients’ increased access to mobile technology, this has enabled them to easily manage their own healthcare and seek treatment for minor issues, and get advised when its necessary to see a Doctor and Expert.

Mobile technology has become the center and future of medicine, allowing patients to receive tailored solutions focused on them, the patient - who is a unique human being.

Ahmad is a technology enthusiast who has been consulting and building solutions for over 14 years. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of HeyDoc!, a global and award winning telemedicine platform and the Managing Director of WebMisc. a Digital Marketing Agency based out of Dubai.

Where does emotional design fit in the health IT industry?

Paul Weaver, Vice President of User Experience, Cerner Corporation

Paul Weaver will be speaking about how a lot of people can talk about emotional design at a high level, but getting into the nitty gritty, practical details of it can be difficult to grasp. Right now, it's a buzzword hitting at every level of the design industry and across several more – including health care. If we're going to wield the powers of emotionally centered design, we all need to better understand it. Read the full blog by Paul Weaver about this topic.

As the vice president of User Experience and Human Factors Research, Paul Weaver focuses on working across Cerner and with clients to ensure a world-class user experience. Paul makes an impact on Cerner and clients by digging deep and thinking beyond the status quo.

Tuesday, 8 May

Co-design and the patient care revolution - a patient perspective

Harry Iles-Mann, Patient/Consumer Advocate and Speaker

Harry Iles-Mann will be speaking about his own health journey, how it has impacted his advocacy - and will share insights on how principles of effective patient co-design create the foundation for a truly patient centric system that delivers positive patient outcomes.

Harry is a patient/consumer advocate, and speaker from Sydney, Australia - who has a vision for a future in which the public are health literate, and enjoy access to health care services which support and enable their own health and wellbeing management. He has over 20 years of experience as a patient relying on health systems for the treatment and management of several serious physical and mental health issues. Among other clients, he works closely with State and Federal Government organizations including the Australian Digital Health Agency, and sits as a consumer representative on a number of national panels and committees focusing on similar digital and non-digital, chronic, and mental health initiatives.

In addition to the few sessions featured above, our guests will enjoy exciting activation activities and innovative technologies – all in a business, casual, interactive style.