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by Nhan Do Thanh
Published on June 18, 2019

The vision of Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle (CDRC) is to improve clinical care, compliance and reimbursement using information technology. As you can see from this diagram, all Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions are based on the trifecta of People/Process/Technology.


An example of the CDRC process

CDRC solutions and frameworks have been used in the US for years and it could be considered as a recent innovation for the Middle East and Africa. In fact, our regional clients have been using them through our solutions since 2009, via our partners’ billing products.

Since 2015, Cerner’s MEA team has been using the Cerner Patient Accounting solution and working with our partners to complement it with a contract management solution. The first go-live was in 2016 in Dubai, UAE, in the Al Jalila Children’s Hospital. We have been working with the RCM team to implement our integration with the Dubai Healthcare Post Office for claims, as well as other RCM integration, like eligibility, authorization and, recently, eRx Pharmacy.

In 2018, we began working with the Al Jalila team to make them a reference site for RCM, as well as working alongside other clients to enhance our solutions and provide a roadmap for the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Department of Health (DoH) and with the Northern Emirates.

Our 2019 goals

The focus on this year will be on two main workstreams:

Assessment, optimization and referenceability

In 2018, we focused on reviewing the financial health of our clients and starting to assess our current clients. This year, we will continue doing assessments and work on optimizing existing clients and to make them CDRC referenceable.

Roadmap and framework

With the different assessments and our live clients, we are consistently working on setting a roadmap for our CDRC solutions/implementations for the UAE, which is ahead of other countries in the insurance billing markets.

In addition, the roadmaps for Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait are still to be defined and will need to be shared with our teams, clients and prospects. We will also work on enhancing processes and framework for support and IP development.

And finally, we will work with the Model team to enhance CDRC in the Model domain to improve the Cerner experience for RCM.

Our regional vision is that Cerner will be a known leader in CDRC implementation, be known as a revenue cycle advisory services provider, and be a model global innovator.