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by Nhan Do Thanh
Published on August 27, 2019

Back in my Q2 2019 blog, I shared the Cerner Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle™ vision and roadmap to improve clinical care, compliance and reimbursement using information technology.

Our team presented our vision during the Cerner Collaboration Forum, which happened in April 2019, in Dubai, UAE.

Here is a quick summary of what was presented:

  • Review what Cerner has done in the region for the Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle, as well as sharing our lessons learnt on how to go through revenue cycle management (RCM) processes, implementations, training.
  • Review of the current solution offerings and how it could help RCM teams in terms of processes and technology.


  • Review of the gaps and how we could work with clients, prospects and our partners to fulfill our clients’ needs and specifically the needs of the RCM community.

There was a great attendance and we will continue sharing this information to our clients to ensure they get current and stay current!

I would like to focus on the third point. One of our clients’ main concerns is the fact that if a functionality or workflow does not exist in the current Cerner offering, and the process needs to go through engineering and the feedback from our clients in the region, then it could take time or not be prioritized by our IP (Intellectual Property) team.

What we have created is a team that could do Edge development and fulfill the needs of our client by creating customized, more innovative and simplified solutions. One of the examples is the MPages® view (Millennium® page) that is a dynamic and interactive panel within the application. It has been known for a while that this view helps to enhance clinical solutions but adopting it for RCM is still a recent yet very powerful discovery!

Cerner has now a roadmap for MPages to open within our revenue cycle application to reduce clicks, save time for the end-users, reduce the errors and ensure quality for the RCM users.

The MPages roadmap is a living document and we are working with clients to review and validate.

Here was our roadmap as of June 2019.

The first MPages view the team completed was an engaging and collaborative effort to deliver the Charge Console solution view, which was previously called Claims View.

Some of the key features include:

  • Real-time claim generation
  • Real-time net revenue adjustments
  • Review of benefits
  • Applying discounts by percentage
  • Apply VAT by user action
  • Non-covered flags
  • Single screen view of all data
  • Real-time response from claim scrubber to the screen.

And how, thanks to this feature, it improved our client KPIs:

  • Batch failures to below three percent
  • Clean claims rate to 90 percent
  • Net revenue errors less than one percent
  • Denial rate reduction five percent over the next six months

This is just the beginning, there are more items than just MPages, such as additional reports, functionalities, worklists, work queues, etc., and we are working closely with Cerner World Head Quarter (WHQ) and IP to ensure we are part of the roadmap.

I also want to highlight two things coming from Cerner WHQ.

In May 2019, it was announced that we are re-modeling our three-year IP roadmap based on client feedback and internal reviews, as well as creating councils for RCM clients.

The purpose of the collaborative council will be to review the Cerner roadmap and listen to our clients on what could be added, prioritized or removed. It will also take in how Cerner could help our clients to optimize their RCM processes and technology.

We are in the planning stage to have something similar for our region and more information will be shared shortly, but we are aiming to have a session end of Q3 or Q4 this year.

As you can see, there is still quite a lot of work to do and as we go through our clients and share what we are doing in the Middle East and Africa region, more and more clients want to be more involved and help us grow together and continue in the RCM adventure!

I would strongly encourage anyone to come to the Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, USA in October. It will feature the Revenue Management Forum, which will include progress reviews, market trends, and key client experiences. 

The rest of the week will be conference days, featuring revenue cycle solution updates, client presentations and more. Read this blog to find out more about CHC19, and if you want to register, please do, so we can see you in Kansas City.

To review our blog from Q2 2019 – please go here.