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by Russell Mayne
Published on July 11, 2019

Improved Health Outcomes, Improved Financial Outcomes, Improved Patient Experience and Improved User Experience. These are the Global Value Aims Cerner Middle East and Africa works towards.


Understanding how we work with our partners to drive value is vital in our day-to-day work. These four Cerner Global Value Aims are derived directly from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement Quadruple Aim. This has been the most effective driver of safety, quality and value in healthcare over the last decade.

By listening to our clients and understanding their point of view, we will create an experience where our partners are proud to tell their value stories. We aim to work alongside our clients as trusted advisors to allow them to showcase their successes in support of the quadruple aim. Put another way, “if our client is successful, we are successful”.

Too often we have fallen on the easy default of being IT solution providers. The harder task is supporting organisations that have entrusted us with their business, to improve quality, safety, and drive value out of their investment. That is our “Why”, our raison d'être.

There is a business maxim that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. By driving all our work through the Cerner Global Quadruple Aims we can be assured that deeper partnerships with our clients will follow. This will ensure that we are part of their solution. Making Healthcare better is difficult. We want to celebrate and applaud our clients for every victory on their journey to a safer Middle East.

A snapshot of some noteworthy recent achievements –

  • A 1M Dirham saving per annum in paper costs through the automation of sick leave documentation (Financial outcome)
  • The complete automation of mandatory communicable disease notifications (Financial outcome)
  • A considerable increase in breast feeding education being provided (Health Outcome)
  • 6000 minutes per month per laboratory saved through the interface of lab results (User experience)
  • 58% reduction in lab turn-around time through the direct interface with a reference lab (User experience)
  • A 63% reduced wait time for discharge through workflow optimization (Patient experience)
  • 45% reduction on time to sign onto the patient record through the implementation of a single sign on solution (User experience)

If you are ever wondering what drives us as a company, look no further than our Quadruple Global Value Aims.