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by Yogin Patel | Paul Marriott | Awais Tariq
Published on October 26, 2021

The pandemic has changed our world in many ways. Travel has been significantly impacted across the globe, requiring testing and protective measures, essential for health and a significant barrier to entry.

Sidra Medicine identified a significant opportunity in the local healthcare market to become the fastest, most efficient PCR test provider in the country. The service sees more than 550 patients per day and runs seven days a week from 7am to 11pm. Since its launch in June 2021, it has become the premiere patient and customer-focused PCR testing platform in Qatar. To date, Sidra has performed 52,000 tests and consistently scored satisfaction scores of five stars for 91% of customers.

The excellent clinical service is supported by a robust integrated IT platform that permits customers to self-register online, select their appointment slot and pay. Once tested, the customer gets their result electronically via email. In addition, the same test is sent to the national COVID-19 registry so that the national track-and-trace app is updated.
The solution built at Sidra Medicine has Cerner as a foundational component, with bespoke elements constructed around it to support a smooth patient-centric workflow. Here are some examples of the innovative thinking we have used to make this possible.
Registration starts through the website, where customers register online. There is an integration with the Ministry of Interior to verify demographic data; the site shows available appointment slots, manages discounts for staff, family and special partners, as well as the general public. Payment is online, and the appointment confirmation is delivered through email and SMS. In addition, the website integrates with Cerner to update or create new records to ensure a clean and accurate demographic record.
On arrival, the site checks in the patient with a single click. This process triggers an integration into Cerner that creates an encounter, which automatically starts the test order. The same integration also applies the payment into patient billing, which would have been a manual process. Once verified, results are picked up automatically and sent in an encrypted email.
From swab to results, the turnaround time is four hours or less, one of the fastest for PCR tests in Qatar.
We are now going further with the service to address significant events. For example, the next generation of the service will be able to process a bulk load of patient data through a client portal to verify and register at volume. This service creates hundreds of patients automatically, along with the encounter and order. All of this is through a handful of button clicks.
In partnership with Sidra Medicine, our vendors strive to meet our vision of building an innovative and ultramodern facility specially designed to promote healing. We have adapted to new norms in the past year, and we look forward to celebrating successes with our patients and partners now, tomorrow and in the years to come.  

“Ease of use and patient experience were the key pillars in the development of this solution. Pre-registered patients are in and out within 10 minutes of their appointed time and verifiable results are delivered to their emails within the service levels.”

Dr. S Bhasker, executive director - Information Technology

Sidra Medicine