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by Michael Pomerance
Published on March 5, 2017

It’s an exciting time to be involved in health care in the Middle East.

As hospitals switch from paper-based to electronic medical records – and take advantage of opportunities to make health care safer and more cost-effective – they’re also laying the foundation for the future. A future where providers don’t just help sick people get better, they help all people stay well.

At Cerner, we’re bringing that future closer to the present. We’re making it possible to collect people’s health and medical information from multiple sources – like electronic hospital records and pharmacy prescriptions, even exercise apps on mobile devices – and store it in a single system. With the data in one place, it becomes possible to identify groups of people whose health might be at risk. And it becomes possible to reach out to individual members of those groups to help them live healthier lives.

An Arabian proverb says, “A tree begins with a seed.” In 1991, we planted a seed with a single client in Saudi Arabia. Today it’s grown to include more than 200 facilities, 80,000 users and 37 million people across Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt. And now, with the emergence of population health, it’s getting ready to bear fruit.

If you'd like to know more about our work on behalf of health care and the people of the Middle East, read "Healthcare in the 21st Century" published in a recent issue of Middle East Business Review.

Reflections on Ramadan Giving

by Danielle Lock
July 16, 2018
The spirit of giving is all around us. As Ramadan has come to a close for another year, we reflect upon the season as a time for generosity and giving. During the blessed month, when the reward for generosity is multiplied, Cerner Middle East associates continue to remember those less fortunate. As is recognized around the globe, the limiting realities of poverty can be alleviated if we, who have means and wealth, are willing and able to share. Hunger is not a choice for some this Ramadan but giving IS for so many.

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The challenges and uses of AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare

by Jim Massey | Dr. Yasir Khan
July 5, 2018
Artificial intelligence will be accepted as the supporting tool which will greatly enhance the accuracy and relevance of clinical decision making, just like stethoscope, ECG and Echocardiogram has done in the past. It will lower the cognitive load and open new dimensions for care providers.

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Advancing the integration of IT into healthcare

by Michael Pomerance
April 16, 2018
The Business Years talks to Michael Pomerance, Managing Director, Cerner, Middle East and Africa on integrating IT into healthcare, the UAE's fragmented market, and new methods of diagnosis.

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