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by Shaikha Hassan Al Mansoori | Akshay Rattan
Published on October 25, 2020

The partnership between the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) and Cerner is over a decade old with Wareed (MOHAP’s health information system) providing various tools to support MOHAP’s vision to deliver the best care for the UAE’s population.  During our collaboration, various features have been added, removed or updated to enhance the user and patient experiences, which is a high priority for MOHAP.  It was realized over time that end-users face difficulties in accessing the latest news and information pertaining to Wareed from a single convenient point. With so many updates especially during these trying times, there was a need to quickly act and deliver a platform where our clinicians at MOHAP could rapidly access vital information.


Planning and design

When COVID-19 came to UAE, MOHAP and Cerner worked hand-in-hand to deliver innovations via Cerner Millennium® to help clinicians combat the pandemic. Various new functionalities were developed to help our clinicians, including:

  • E-clinic video consultations for nurses and physicians to provide efficient documentation of teleconsultations with patients
  • Home quarantine and isolation workflow for patients
  • Preventive medicine surveillance workflow for effective COVID-19 screening
  • Surge facility documentation
  • Institutional isolation workflow for physicians and nurses to help isolate positive cases and treat them with the utmost care

At MOHAP, there are numerous scenarios like the above where clinicians require various customizations to ensure a smooth experience throughout the patient journey. Keeping track of these changes on a daily basis can become cumbersome, given the already stretched capacities of our users.

MPages® delivers an easy way to build custom experiences for clinicians. Using the latest web technologies like JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS, a great feature is just a few clicks away. This helped Cerner to build a one-stop-shop for all news and references called Learning Central ( مركز التعلم ), which aims to consolidate the essential news and updates in an easy-to-access manner.

The Learning Central MPages view

This first of a kind innovative MPages view starts with the theme of the month, where Cerner highlights the top featured content for the upcoming weeks. Each focused piece of content has tags associated to help understand what it is all about. To get more information, the MOHAP user clicks on the featured image and opens an overlay that shows more details regarding the story. These models or overlays were built to ensure a seamless user interface and experience across the MPages. Users can easily access more information on the same MPages view without being redirected to additional pages.

Seamless UX and UI - Modal / Overlay

Content writing and assembly

In addition to the Featured posts section, Cerner developed more detailed categories for users to explore and understand what’s new with Cerner Millennium® at MOHAP. A dedicated committee has been formed across our transformation, learning, marketing and clinical application teams to ensure that content on the platform is regularly updated for clinicians at MOHAP.

The News and announcements section show highlights, recent go-lives and any upcoming workflow updates on the electronic health record (EHR). This feature ensures that medical staff are aware of the latest and greatest on their EHR. There is also a Learning and development section that showcases the most recent reference guides and latest interactive videos on Maharati - the learning management system at MOHAP. These are directly linked to the relevant content for ease of access.

LMS at Ministry of Health and Prevention

At launch, we focused on creating content around the COVID-19 pandemic. Following a surge of cases in the UAE, MOHAP worked with Cerner to deliver functionalities that help to ease testing and treatment of the general population across six emirates. One of the most accessed pieces of content has been the Institutional Isolation Course, which was created for physicians and nurses to understand the workflow for admitting and treating patients in an isolation facility. The ease of accessing this content through Learning Central was recognized by our clinicians. With hundreds of volunteers and users needing to use this functionality daily, they were able to access the content easily from Learning Central in case they ever needed a refresher or were completely new to the functionality.

A Most popular section is also available that tracks the trending stories/content and ranks them from one to five. This top five showcase makes it easy for users to track the most sought-after content. Other sections include some Featured videos. Any clinician can view a video on this page through an overlay that can be easily dismissed once they are done watching the content. The coherent UX brings the users back to the initial MPages view where they can continue to browse other content as needed.

Embedded video playback on Learning Central

The future

The Learning Central MPages will provide the latest news, reference materials and much more when a user logs into Cerner Millennium. With this latest tool, Cerner aims to consolidate as much information as possible in a clean format to ensure every user is up to date with the latest at their facilities. These MPages will also ensure visibility of recent go-lives and upcoming projects, which will in turn drive better adoption for the latest workflows. Adoption and coaching are critical to our success story with MOHAP and this new feature just helps in taking our metrics to another level.

Learning Central was rolled out to a few positions at launch on 1 July 2020 and will slowly be enabled across all users at MOHAP. Initial impressions on the ground have been very positive and we are looking forward to enhancing the product further based on additional feedback as we move to have this functionality added for all roles and specialties.


For information regarding Cerner’s content and assistance in light of the COVID-19, please click here.