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by Michael Pomerance
Published on January 4, 2017

In a recent article appearing in CEO Report, Cerner Middle East Managing Director, Mike Pomerance talks about the company's strength in the region and what makes Cerner one of the best companies to work for. What follows are sections from Pomerance’s recent article.

Cerner has come a long way since the inception of our operations in Saudi Arabia in 1991 and is well entrenched in this geography with our pioneering presence that exceeds a quarter of a century. Cerner Middle East’s regional footprint has expanded considerably and currently has more than 200 client facilities spanning Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt, ranging from mega governmental hospital networks to elementary health clinics.

Well entrenched in the region

Cerner Middle East (CME) has strong roots in the regional medical and healthcare community with over 250 multi-lingual employees in the region drawn from around 30 nationalities working closely with authorities, associates and medical.

On an average, more than 68,000 users log into Cerner’s system every month and 37 million+ people across the Middle East have health information stored in Cerner Millennium, a premium application suite facilitating single patient database that gives holders a different view of the patient’s data in the hospital or clinic.

Cerner solutions can be localized and adapted for regional applications as exemplified in our patented process that allows the ready translation of names from English to Arabic and vice-versa and also adherence to Gregorian or Hijri calendar dates as applicable.

World leader in its field

IDG's Computerworld named Cerner ‘A 2015 Best Place to Work in IT’. Cerner’s attrition rates for employees in the region are among the lowest in the world at less than 4 %, an outstanding rating.

Pomerance has also introduced the ‘CME for Me’ initiative wherein the first week of the second month of every quarter is devoted to employee care and development. No official activities are scheduled that week and on an average 8 to 10 training sessions are offered, in addition to team building events. Cerner believes in investing in its people, building and strengthening relationships.

Community work for children across the region

Care and community work for marginalized children across the region is the credo as part of Cerner Middle East’s corporate social responsibilities. The company is long associated with rehabilitation and other philanthropic and humanitarian causes. It raises funds for medical charities and contributes to endowments for women who deliver pre-mature babies in Africa, cancer patients and children with other impairments. The company’s long association with the Children’s Cancer Hospital Centre in Egypt is a case in point. It also supports various initiatives and educational programmes in the UAE.

To read the article in its entirety, follow this link