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by Bachir Awad
Published on November 19, 2018

Hospitals and The Arab Hospital magazines discussed with Bachir Awad, vice president & managing director of Cerner Middle East & Africa, the future of health care and the impact of the new technologies in shaping health care services. Below is the full interview:

Can we have a brief resume about your career?

I joined Cerner in 2006 in Australia, where I started in consulting and held multiple leadership roles across operations and client partnerships. In 2012, I relocated to the United States to Cerner’s World Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, where I was responsible for developing an approach to enhance the overall user experience and drive strategic alignment between Cerner and its clients. In 2014, I moved to the Middle East to establish the strategic alignment between Cerner and the Ministry of Health & Prevention – UAE. As the vice president & general manager of Cerner’s global partnerships, I led a team responsible for supporting our highly aligned clients to achieve maximum value from their relationships with Cerner and deliver on the shared strategic vision and goals of both our organizations. Earlier this year, I was promoted to vice president and managing director of Cerner Middle East and Africa, where my focus is to continue building on our relationships with our clients while improving business outcomes. We always strive to support our clients to attain their goals and execute their strategic vision, whilst focusing on delivery of better health care outcomes.

Artificial intelligence will play a major role in redefining the health care sector worldwide. What is your perspective about it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term and as of late has created a lot of hype within the industry. At Cerner, our systems have embraced these types of technologies for years and naturally have been part of our DNA, as we continually advance and invest in R&D to deliver smarter health care.

Click here to read the full interview article. To access the online version of the Hospitals magazine issue 43, you may visit this link.