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by Amna Saleh Al Hammadi | Alyaa Alhosani | Nidhi Dhupar
Published on March 9, 2022

In this era of digital transformation, which will only continue to mature throughout the burgeoning decade, there are many new applications, technologies and innovations that will help healthcare take the leap into the future. Being an integral part of digital capabilities, interoperability between technologies enhances the experience and increases the possibilities to a new level.

We live in the age of technological advancements. Look at the way we interact with our families and friends – technology has been instrumental in changing our behavior and how we carry our daily duties; it has revolutionized every corner of our lives. This movement by no means excludes healthcare and has been more elementary in communication with the patients and helping to improve their experience.

The objective behind such technological innovations is the expectation that intelligently deployed technology will shift healthcare from a hospital-centric to a patient-centric environment, ensuring continuum of care for each patient across all services required.

There is no second thought on SMS being the fastest way to carry an information and could there be a better use case than a situation where the information is critical?

As a healthcare system, one opportunity for us to show that we care is ensuring that our patients have their appointments and test results on their cellphones, without worrying about having to set a personal reminder or walk down for the reports. Not only do we pass on the information, but reassure every user that they are important to us, and their health is in safe hands. By sending precise, prompt and relevant information, we make each SMS personal and protected, as our mission is not only patient safety but also patient information security.

Cerner and EHS are on a booming technology journey, where digital technologies have been advancing safe and effective healthcare in serving our communities. One such platform – text messaging – provides the essential need to promote patient care.

Through our interoperability capabilities, we have laid down the foundation of digitalization to leverage the existing platform to advance system capabilities. Several designs were laid out that fulfill the business needs to create smart rules that qualify patients for the SMS service, ranging from patient registration, appointment notifications, clinical results, reports availability, quality improvement surveys and many more. Data maps were created in an interface engine to translate the transactions into bilingual SMS templates to send these transactions over to an SMS gateway, before they reached patients’ mobiles.

Patient education has also been implemented in various programs assisted with smart enabling, gauging patient feedback through SMS surveys to advance the nursing care model, medication refills, patient appointments, instructions and reminders.

In the shadow of ongoing pandemic, this need has become even more pronounced, in order to keep patients informed about their PCR results, COVID-19 vaccinations and reminders for the due dose, e-visits and homecare visits.

Many other programs – like pre-employment and pre-university fitness certificates, medical report readiness and user account renewal – also benefit from the SMS functionality for patient engagement and process enhancement.


Deploying secure, reliable and real-time messaging focuses on the content, increasing system reachability and enhancing patient convenience, which is the heart of our purpose and embedded into our culture of delivering care. This culture helps improve healthcare outcomes and the patient experience, achieving an informed patient-centric journey based on secure, real-time patient data, which in turn leads to a sustainable healthcare model.

Having constant access to evolving education and datasets helps to provide a crucial approach and enormous impact in proactive health maintenance of every individual, the nation and the global space.

By embracing this digital movement with EHS, we are building a strong foundation to support our patient community with easy and ongoing access to our services, while painting their experience by delivering value-based programs that drive positive behavior and deliver necessities in modern smartphones.


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