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by Rabab Abbas
Published on June 12, 2019

During the month of Ramadan, people around the Middle East spend their time in reflection, spiritual renewal and giving. As always, Cerner associates in the region combined their efforts to reflect on the spirit of this holy month and contribute generously back to our community. We believe that doing so helps alleviate suffering for those in need and has a great impact on the person giving back by improving personal well-being, and increasing their feeling of happiness and fulfillment. In this blog, I would like to highlight associates’ generous contributions and events that took place at Cerner during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Iftar giving campaign

Like we do every year during the holy month of Ramadan, our associates contribute generously to an Iftar dinner campaign that targets laborers at the various camps around Dubai. With associates’ contributions and in partnership with Haji Sahab restaurant, 2,586 Iftar meals were distributed at local labor camps. Associates and their little ones humbly participated in distributing the Iftar meals, with joy and happiness being our main ingredients!

In addition to the Iftar meals contribution, our associates donated used and new clothes throughout the month to charity, with a total of 107.5kg donated. Additionally, Cerner contributed 100AED for each kilogram towards the Iftar meals distributed at the labor camp.

Al Khor labor camp Iftar in Doha

While associates in the UAE were sharing their love around Dubai, our Qatar associates choose to spread the same love around Doha. This year, a special Ramadan Iftar was organized at Al Khor labor camp, and our associates contributed generously to Iftar meals that were distributed to the laborers at the camp and had the chance to sit and share the meal with them.

Al Noor Foundation visit to Cerner Dubai office

Cerner also hosted the Al Noor Training Center’s Smiles ‘n’ Stuff bazaar sale at our office in Dubai to display and sell their products handcrafted by people of determination. It would be hard to believe, but in less than two hours, students of the Al Noor Center were able to raise 3,908 AED. This also opened doors for us to appreciate these students’ skills and capabilities, while also making their training commercially viable. This support has helped assist them in running their training expenses at the center.

Ramadan sharing fridges

Ramadan sharing fridges is a citywide initiative that has been running for past four consecutive years to help feed low-income workers by providing free access to food and drink throughout the month of Ramadan. The Ramadan sharing fridges are set up in outdoor locations across Dubai – there are over 200 fridges and each fridge is expected to feed around 100 workers.

Cerner associates collected food donation at the office throughout Ramadan and carpooled to fridges around the office area to ensure they are filled up with food and drink. It was incredible seeing associate family members contribute to this initiative, sharing love and kindness with a great part of our community.

Ramadan charity box appeal

Last but not the least, our very own associates based in Qatar decided to give back to their community in this holy month of Ramadan by creating a charity box appeal campaign, wherein associates filled bags with items of daily use and distributed them to the housekeeping and security staff at the office building.