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Hamad Medical Corporation

First Essential Clinical Dataset for Middle East

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Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), CIS (Clinical Information Systems) Optimization Steering Committee and Oracle Cerner are proud to announce the implementation of the first ever Essential Clinical Dataset (ECD) for behavioral health globally and the first ECD in the Middle East. This project went live in July 2021 as part of HMC’s CIS optimization program.


Capture only the most relevant and applicable data for nursing assessments at Hamad Behavioral Health Hospital via the implementation of ECD Nursing Assessment.

Background of ECD

ECD answers the always prescient question of “why do nurses document this?” It defines and then focuses the nurse to only document the essential details needed for nursing care planning and delivery. Leadership at HMC Behavioral Health Hospital worked in close partnership with Oracle Cerner on optimizing the documentation for the nursing assessments. ECD has a standard design based on a thorough review of available and current literature for evidence-based practice to inform the overall content.

All hospitals tend to overpopulate sections of the medical record with sometimes unnecessary or unhelpful information. ECD solves that problem for nursing by streamlining the process and the information captured. Specific documentation is a necessity to adequately plan and deliver nursing care, but too much information can oversaturate the record and not add value to the care team’s activities and decisions.

Nurses are the professionals closest to patients and are the logical experts when it comes to deciding which documentation requirements are added. By implementing the ECD, there is now a definition of what documentation truly belongs to the scope of nursing care and practice, and what data could be documented by another profession on the care team.


The implementation took place in July 2021. It was a collaborative effort amongst staff from HMC Behavioral Health Hospital, nursing informatics and Oracle Cerner. Together, the team was able to implement the ECD documentation and new functionality at the facility.

Value achieved

In the first three months, the nursing team has realized value relating to the volume of information being reduced and directed towards only essential clinical nursing documentation. This can be seen in the following:

  • Documentation time savings of 12 hours per year per user*
  • Elimination of 15 non-essential sections
  • Nursing admission assessment completion using single-sign-on functionality up by 167%
  • Reduction of 2,160 clicks per year per user when documenting
  • Required distinct DTAs down by 18.5%
    Key benefits
  • Easily readable and actionable data
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Faster response to patient needs
  • Improved awareness for nurses
  • Improved completeness of data elements
  • Realizing benefits from Oracle Cerner systems and solutions
  • Reduced time to capture essential documentation

Oracle Cerner would like to thank all those that participated in the implementation of the ECD program of work at HMC Behavioral Health Hospital. A special thanks to the executive leadership Iain Tulley and Raed Amro, as well as Dr Wasmiya and her nursing informatics team.


*Three clicks equal one minute. 2,160 clicks/3 per minute = 720 mins = 12 hours
All client outcomes were achieved in respective settings and are not representative of benefits realized by all clients due to many variables, including solutions scope, client capabilities and business and implementation strategies.

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Client outcomes were achieved in respective settings and are not representative of benefits realized by all clients due to many variables, including solution scope, client capabilities and business and implementation models.