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Hamad Medical Corporation

HMC Development of Internal ED Dashboard using Cerner Solutions

Rationale for Development of HMC Centric Real Time Dashboard

In 2016, the Operational Performance Team (OPT) was tasked to run twice-daily, 7 days/week conference calls with HMC’s 13 facilities to identify system-wide operational points of pressure and facilitate collaborative actions to improve access to care and patient flow. The purpose of a real-time, Cerner-derived ED dashboard is to provide operational managers with timely data allowing them to make informed decisions in times of operational pressures. “Cerner data is considered as the ‘single version of the truth” for this dashboard, which stems from HMC’s decision to have one platform for all of its facilities. This makes the data acquisition simpler for HMC and aides in delivering the best possible care for the patients. Its important to highlight the manual nature of the former process: client estimates they saved over 800 hours of manual data entry work over just two years. That’s a huge savings of time, effort, and with the automation, mostly eliminates any chance of errors.

The Dashboard

The days of using antiquated manually updated spreadsheets as “dashboards” needed to be retired. The project started with a spreadsheet, multiple phone calls daily to ensure it was accurate, and updated as quickly as it possibly could be relying on the manual entry of data by staff. Eventually, OPT began incorporating data from Power Insight to check the accuracy. This is where the journey truly started to take shape.

The team performed what many in healthcare only imagine as possible: a real time, automatically updated dashboard that can be trusted and used in real time to make decisions. The manual efforts and saving over 800 hours of productivity meets Cerner’s Value Aim of enhancing User Experience. View the old dashboard on the next page.

Key benefits

  • Real time status of all HMC ED’s
  • Mini ops centers established at various facilities for viewing vs. granting individual access
  • Improved awareness amongst Operations Leads of current ED Status
  • Improved completeness of data elements
  • Efficient use of existing resources (Clinical and Clerical staff time), from reduced clerical tasks
  • Saved over 400 hours per year in labor associated with manually updated spreadsheets


What started as a manual style spreadsheet used by HMC, changed into a real time dashboard using power insight to draw data. Eliminating the laborious manual entry and an estimated saving of over 800 hours over two years has really demonstrated the value of using power insight. Through months of work and data validation, the new dashboard was created and is used now by Senior Executives at HMC, Senior Officials at Ministry of Public Health, and is accessible through standalone maintenance free operations hubs at various hospitals.

Next Steps

The next step is to develop a situational report that will incorporate bed status throughout the system. This will enable HMC to match capacity to match demand more effectively. The enhanced features and functionality will be available by end of 2019. The OPT was able to truly standardize and produce a real time dashboard that is accessible to staff, used for making important operational decisions in real time, and most importantly, to facilitate the delivery of higher quality care to patients. Congratulations to the HMC team for a wonderful accomplishment.

Old Dashboard

New Dashboard

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