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Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA)

SEHA adopts a system-wide approach for automated operating room booking

School Health Services (SHS) is responsible for providing a comprehensive and coordinated health program for all public school students within Abu Dhabi. It provides a suite of services to the 256 public schools across the emirate, following best practices and staying up with international standards.

SHS is run by Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS), which falls under the auspices of SEHA, one of the largest health care network in the United Arab Emirates, which uses cutting-edge technologies to provide a continuum of care for residents.


The Department of Health mandated that there should be regular health screenings for all school students, including dental, weight and vital signs, while all childhood immunization records needed to be reported to the authority.

This proved challenging, as many clinicians didn’t have access to SEHA’s EHR, and a lot of schools kept paper records that weren’t available at other locations. This also meant that statistics were difficult to gather, and had to be done so manually.

Referrals to physicians also needed to be completed by hand, but school nurses had no way to know the outcomes, or even if the student had been to see the doctor. In short, health care was disconnected, making complete, efficient record taking difficult to achieve.

Key benefits

  • ‘One person, one record’ mandate applied
  • Time savings for nurses
  • Greater connectivity between health services

At a glance


  • 12 hospitals
  • 2,644 beds
  • 100,000 inpatients
  • 41,000 surgeries
  • 18,759 employees
  • 46 primary health care clinics
  • 10 disease prevention centers
  • 3 mobile clinics
  • 4 dental centers
  • 2 blood banks

Fixing the issues

Together, Cerner and SEHA designed, built and implemented our Millennium® EHR into all public schools within the emirate. This enabled the utilization of modules including PowerChart® Office, PMOffice and PowerForms.

Following their implementation, forms could be set up to track first aid, dental screenings, immunization and more, with an e-referral system allowing nurses to easily communicate with family physicians. Specific documents were also developed for doctors and dentists to ensure continuity of care when students were seen in their clinics.

Millennium was also introduced to SEHA’s mobile clinics to support screening in remote areas, while all school nurses received 16 hours of training on the new solutions to enable them to utilize their full benefits. Management of obesity cases in student age population was made possible by creating a Cerner dashboard to track their follow ups.

The outcome

By rolling out Millennium across the emirate, students now have a single, integrated file across the care continuum, in line with SEHA’s ‘one person, one record’ mandate. It also means that reporting issues such as immunization to the Department of Health is much easier and can now largely be automated.

Schools now better monitor medications taken in the school, while it is straightforward for staff to identify at-risk students, even if they don’t personally know them. On a wider level, schools can now identify and track medical conditions and infectious diseases, helping to prevent their spread.

Nursing staff are benefitting too, with medical information now being immediately available, rather than having to be hunted for, while they now find it much simpler to track and follow up on referrals.

About SEHA

SEHA is the corporate marketing name of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, an independent public joint stock company that owns and operates all public hospitals and clinics across the emirate. ‘SEHA’ is a phonetic rendering of the Arabic word for health.

SEHA’s employees are spread across the emirate from the Western or Al Dhafra Region to the Eastern Region and throughout the Middle and Island Regions. The organization offers many services and sub-specialties that are unique to the UAE and the wider region.

About AHS

Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS), a SEHA HealthSystem Facility, was formed to facilitate and furnish a unique combination of the diagnostic and treatment services of a hospital with the personalized care that a healthcare center offers. The organization manages the following community-based services across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi: Ambulatory Care Centers, Disease Prevention & Screening Centers, School Health Services and Mobile Health Clinics

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