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Hamad Medical Corporation

Newborn registration optimization 90-day report

Hamad Medical Corporation and CIS (Clinical Information Systems) Optimization Steering Committee and Cerner Qatar are proud to announce the 90-day value report of Newborn Registration. This project went live in June 2021 as part of the optimization program for Hamad Medical Corporation.


  • Enhance newborn registration for babies born in Labor & Delivery, Antenatal Ward, Operating Theater and Emergency Department
  • Enhance admission process for babies born outside the organization
  • Optimize newborn National ID integration for quick identification across HMC, PHCC, and external organizations


Below are the KPIs identified for this project


Reduce the amount of time to register the Newborn Baby in Clinical Information System in Women’s Health in the Labor and Delivery Units.


  • Before implementation, only 6% of the patients were registered within 10 minutes and at 90 days, its at 43%, which is notable progress at 90 days post go-live.
  • The median minutes to register has dropped by 48.3% over 90 days.


Number of Newborn records updated with QID(Qatar ID) and expiry dates automatically in HMC Clinical systems when Ministry of Public Health(MOPH) receives this information from Ministry of Interiors(MOI).


  • It has been identified that out of 39,088 Qatari Newborn health records, 26,924 had QID and expiry dates updated.
  • Since building the integration capabilities between MOPH and HMC domains, 12,700 records were updated with accurate QID and expiry dates.


The implementation was done in June 2021 via a collaborative effort amongst HMC staff, Cerner staff, MoPH and MoI. Together, the team was able to implement the optimized newborn registration process at Women’s Wellness Research Center (WWRC), Al Wakra Hospital (AWH), Al Khor (AKH), and Cuban facilities successfully.

Value achieved

Since launch, as evidenced below, Over the 90 days since launch, as evidenced below, there have been a notable decrease in the time to register newborns in CIS.. This is demonstrative of a previously inefficient process being optimized for the best possible patient care and utility for providers. Based on an average of 25,000 births a year at HMC and 11 mins saved each birth, this time savings equates to approximately 4,600 hours of clinician time saved over the course of one year. In addition, wristbands are now printed immediately after registration is completed, enhancing the patient identification process for newborns. Also, there have been improvements in updated QID expiry dates via integration with MOI and MoPH.

Next steps and acknowledgements

Hamad Medical Corporation is on a journey towards delivering even better patient care through their partnership with Cerner. This new functionality will continue to be used and has demonstrated notable progress by staff thus far. The team would like to recognize the efforts Dr. Shamsa, HICT, the nursing and medical staff and the help received from the entire HMC community. This project falls under the Quadruple Aim of “improve the staff experience.” All projects are done under the guidance of Quadruple Aim principles.

Women Newborn Registration Optimization 90 Day Report data graphic

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