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Device connectivity

Cerner does more than simply connect devices to the EHR

Cerner’s device connectivity solutions enable interoperability between medical devices, health care applications and the EHR, regardless of vendor, enabling clinicians to streamline their workflows and focus more on their patients.

Cerner’s integrated devices ensure the right data is presented in the right format at the right time to improve health outcomes.


How are devices validated for CareAware iBus?

When CareAware® was launched in 2007, medical device connectivity was a new endeavor for health care organizations, technology companies and device manufacturers. Years later, Cerner and our clients have gone beyond connectivity to request devices perform in the context of a clinical workflow. Cerner’s CareAware Validation program is an active approach to partner relationships across development, sales, marketing, and support. The program is focused on connecting devices to our CareAware iBus® as well as providing an additional layer of assurance that the device performs in the context of a specific workflow.

With nearly 60 validated members today, we work closely to capture and deliver pertinent clinical data to any EHR.

  • Accelerate Diagnostics
  • AirStrip
  • B.Braun Medical
  • Baxter
  • BD Medical Technology
  • BioFire Diagnostics
  • CareFusion
  • CenTrak
  • CompX
  • Copan Diagnostics
  • Covidien
  • Critical Alert
  • Dräger
  • EarlySense
  • Fresenius Kabi
  • Fukuda Denshi
  • GE Healthcare
  • GetWellNetwork
  • Haemonetics
  • ICU Medical
  • Ideal Life
  • Ivenix
  • Leica
  • Linet Group
  • Livongo Health
  • Maquet
  • Masimo
  • Medtronic
  • Midmark
  • Mindray
  • Mobile Aspects
  • Neoventa
  • Nihon Kohden
  • Omnicell
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Polycom
  • Rauland Borg
  • Roche
  • Seca
  • Sizewise
  • Smiths Medical
  • Sonitor Technologies
  • Sotera Wireless
  • Spacelabs Healthcare
  • Spectralink
  • Stanley Healthcare
  • Stryker
  • Sysmex
  • Talyst
  • Vocera
  • Welch Allyn
  • West-Com
  • Zebra Technologies

If you are a Cerner client and would like to view a list of our validated devices, please visit the CareAware uCern page.

If you are a device manufacturer interested in joining CareAware Validation, please contact our CareAware team.

Related offerings

CareAware Connect

Bring together communications, alarm management and nursing workflow tools on a single device.

CareAware DeviceLink

CareAware DeviceLink provides a streamlined process by integrating devices that allow clinicians to collect and chart vitals data directly into the EHR at the point of care.

CareAware Event Management

Route incoming event and associated contextual information in notifications to care team members and allow the escalation of notifications between clinicians.

CareAware iBus

CareAware iBus is the core infrastructure component of the overarching CareAware architecture. It enables plug-and-play connectivity between devices and the EHR.

CareAware VitalsLink

CareAware VitalsLink provides a streamlined, barcode-driven process on an integrated device for clinicians to chart vitals data directly into the EHR at the point of care. 

Cerner Patient Observer

Cerner Patient Observer is a virtual observation solution that allows a trained observation technician to monitor multiple patient rooms from a central monitoring station, reducing sitter labor costs and preventing falls and other adverse events that occur in hospitals.