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Enterprise document management

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Leverage document management across the electronic health record (EHR) – enabling integrated workflows within Cerner Millennium®

Cerner's enterprise document management (EDM) solutions provide health care organizations with the ability to automate document-intensive processes and create comprehensive electronic records for the enterprise. These integrated solutions allow organizations to incorporate paper and electronic documentation directly into the patient's chart in real time.

Soarian Document Management® (DM) provides a broad spectrum of solutions that includes document imaging capture and archiving, electronic data transfer, and workflow features that manage the flow of documents throughout the health care enterprise. Universal access to electronic documents is simplified through Soarian DM.

Cerner EDM solutions

Cerner Document Imaging

An enterprise-wide solution that provides document capture, storage, and retrieval, Cerner Document Imaging makes information available where it is needed to help reduce costs and improve care.

  • Point of care capture: Scan items directly into a patient’s record; store and make available to authorized users across the organization
  • Batch capture: Method to scan and extract index values from groups of images, automating the process of posting documents to the patient chart within the medical record
  • COLD feeds: Capture electronic documents from third-party systems into the patient record automatically

Cerner's Patient eSignature solution allows patients to sign electronic documents with a handwritten signature on a signature pad or iPad, which in turn embeds the signature in an imaged document.

Work Queue Management is an external document management solution that provides the flexibility to route documents to specific queues or scheduling request lists which in turn are associate to the correct place in the EHR.

Provides the ability to capture images by direct scanning or file import into PathNet®, associating the image with an order, group of orders (request ID), accession ID, assay result or anatomic pathology case/report.

Supports a paperless pharmacy by using existing devices (scanners, fax,) in the patient care area to allow physician’s paper based orders to be digitized and electronically transmitted into PharmNet® for processing.

  • 835Converter: Makes it possible for health care providers to generate human-readable images resembling paper explanation of benefit (EOB) forms from 835 electronic remittance advice (ERA)
  • Manual EOB: Capture paper EOBs via scanning and links individual pages to the patient’s claim in Cerner Patient Accounting solution
  • Single Document Capture: Scan items directly into the patient’s record within Patient Accounting; store at the statement, encounter, or claim level

Sorian EDM Solutions

Advanced Capture

Advanced Capture provides an integrated workflow that supports both a centralized and decentralized model for staff across the organization that streamlines the document capture process.

Soarian Document Management (DM) provides a broad spectrum of solutions that includes document imaging capture and archiving, electronic data transfer, and workflow features that manage the flow of documents throughout the health care enterprise. Universal access to electronic documents is simplified through Soarian DM.

Benefits by Role


  • Integration with the EHR enabling ease of maintenance and a complete medical record
  • Enterprise solution that provides a single document management strategy
  • Saves time by reducing manual entry

  • Elimination of paper document storage
  • Operational efficiency by having all documents in one location (one single document repository)
  • Direct integration with Cerner Profile and Message Center for deficiency management
  • Remote access allows physicians to sign documentation outside of the hospital

  • Capture and view images with integration into ERP and line of business applications
  • Fax management through Millennium-integrated work queues
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency are realized when images are categorized and converted to searchable documents
  • eSignature provides key documents for patient signature within the end users' workflow and can be deployed on the iPad for mobile capture

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