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Global change and learning services

Bringing perspectives and experiences from around the world to create better outcomes.

To bring about transformation, we use proven change management strategies within Cerner’s trademarked CLEAR Change Model. As a global team, we bring perspectives and experiences from around the world to create better outcomes by focusing on the people-centric side of change and implementations for our clients.

  • Change consulting: Our change consultants work across our internal teams and with our clients to ensure that change strategy and supporting engagement plans are delivered and maintained by our clients. They are experts in the latest social science and help guide clients to better adapt to the rapid changes in health care.
  • Learning consulting: Our learning consultants manage the end-to-end training strategy for our clients to ensure end-user readiness, adoption and sustainment. They are available to help execute strategy by facilitating classroom training for both end users and client project teams, or by contributing to collateral development.
  • Learning technologies: Our train domain strategists and analysts manage client strategy for train domains, eCoach uplifts and overall innovation that helps improve the end-user experience.
  • Client education services: Ensuring our clients have the best approach for building internal capability to implement and maintain the system, including offering certification programs for identified staff.
  • Adoption coaching services: Our consultants deliver data-based, targeted coaching to optimize end-user efficiency and experience in the system.

How we deliver

People’s readiness for change involves much more than training. The commitment, confidence and competence of those targeted to change need to be assessed and addressed to ensure impacted audiences can – and want to – adopt the new work. Change management is the practice of applying a structured approach, focused on supporting individuals, to transition an organization from a current state to a future state, to achieve expected benefits. After all, the ultimate goals of a project are to achieve identified quality, safety and cost outcomes, and these outcomes can only be achieved when people adopt the new work that leads to them.

Cerner’s CLEAR Change Model has been developed as an amalgamation of best practice from industry-recognized models, as they applied to the challenges that our clients face. While there are many change models in the industry, only CLEAR has been developed specifically for the ever-changing environment facing the health care industry. It’s one thing to have identified strategies and best practices that fit the challenges of health care, and another to act on them. As unique as health care organizations are and as quickly as the environment changes, a step-by-step model just does not work. What may work in one situation, may not work in another. This is why CLEAR has been developed to be agile with adaptable plans to meet client-specific needs.

With every client having a different culture and different challenges to face, the tactics used for each engagement may vary greatly. The below diagram has been developed to give a general overview of what CLEAR looks like in action. At a high level, these are the specific stages that allow for a structured approach while leaving the flexibility required to remain adatable.

For more information about CLEAR or specific services and deliverables offered, please contact JoAnn Malloy at