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Health information management and coding

Accessing information and completing tasks through seamless integration with Cerner’s electronic health record (EHR) impacts coder effectiveness and coding efficiencies.

In order to avoid delays, your care team needs streamlined workflows, processes and efficiencies to deliver quality health care through quality information.

Automate health information management (HIM) workflows to avoid delays and ensure appropriate reimbursement.

Power of integration

Cerner’s HIM solutions allows organizations to monitor, support and manage health information of all types electronically for a comprehensive, secure medical record.

  • Single HIM solution supports paper, document images and computerized records
  • Integration with Cerner’s EHR allows for easy access to near-real-time information
  • Medical necessity checking during scheduling, registration and physician order entry allows for opportunities for correction at the time of coding
  • Encounter workflow functionality within Cerner Patient Accounting and Cerner Health Information Management notifies staff of new activities and outpatient encounters
  • Embedded encoder solution enables workflow efficiencies for coding staff within a single view

A single HIM solution that supports paper, document images and computerized records. Its integration with Cerner’s EHR allows for easy access to real-time information.

Cerner’s HIM solutions automate chart completion and release of information activities all within the context of a single medical record.

  • Track completion and authentication of documents and orders within Cerner Health Information Management
  • Notify providers of incomplete documentation with Cerner’s Message Center integration
  • Perform chart completion on all documents know to Cerner Millennium, regardless of storage type, including paper and electronic documents

Because our solutions are built on a single platform, the HIM coder moves from a fragmented workflow and using multiple systems to accessing information and completing tasks in real time through seamless integration with Cerner’s EHR.

  • Assist in consistent coding practices and quality prior to billing with Cerner’s Compliance Module
  • Drive coding task queues from clinical events including orders results and documentation
  • Enhance workflow with customized views using the coding clinical summary
  • Link clinical deficiency management to Discharged Not Final Coded (DNFC)
  • Correct edits at the time of coding with real-time charge integration in the coder workflow


How do Cerner’s solutions support the HIM department?

Cerner’s HIM solutions will support your HIM department in these four areas: medical coding, deficiency management and chart completion, paper chart tracking and release of information.

Content360™ is a single-source enterprise document management platform. The Content360 solutions intelligently capture, store, and retrieve paper and electronic documentation to provide each user with content in a complete, meaningful and usable way. Content360 is scalable and system agnostic in nature, making it a great fit for any department within an organization.

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