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Healthcare Advisory Practice

As a leading player in the implementation of EHR systems in the Middle East and Africa we know that there a lot of work before, during and after the implementation project that is not directly related to the product but is vital to ensure that the projects go smoothly and successfully. As this work is not directly related to a specific EHR, and is required whether it is a system replacement or enhancement or a new system, Cerner has a wealth of expertise that is available to all clients, both old and new.

When new facilities are being planned there is usually a significant time gap between the vision for the new facility and its implementation; in the fast changing world of healthcare you need help from Cerner’s health care experts to ensure that you can keep track of evidence based design concepts for patient centric buildings, fittings and workflows. To ensure that you keep options open, we can help identify trends in medicine that you should be considering at the design stage of your smart facility.

As the design progresses, you will have questions about what do you need in the facility to meet your vision and budget, how do you specify the devices and systems and how do you measure the responses from the industry, and the performance of vendors in the region. These are not directly EHR related, but it is now possible to use the years of Cerner expertise in the use of systems to help with this procurement process.

The people who will be managing and working in the facility, whether starting from new or upgrading and existing working facility are often over looked in the early stages, yet you are probably about to undergo a large clinical and managerial change. Cerner’s experienced Healthcare Advisory Practice consultants can help guide you through the changes with tailored managerial, operational and clinical training to prepare all members of staff, from the top down with the information and knowledge to get the most value from the systems, quickly.

In a world on increasing connectivity, attached devices and interoperability it is important that you have good information governance in place so that you ensure compliance with data protection requirements in your country and can manage and secure your data both stored and in transit. The value of the information in health care records is immense, whether to be sold or to prevent your operations through ransomware. Cyber-security issues, compliance, certification and training should be at the forefront of considerations for all people who have access to the system, from patients to suppliers. Cerner has the worldwide expertise to help you secure your systems and train all users to minimize the chances of targeted or random attacks on the data and devices.

There is an axiom “if you can’t measure something you can’t manage it”, Cerner’s Advisory Practice can not only help you define clinical and operational performance indicators, but can help you measure them, benchmark them and create interventions that allow you to improve the value you get from the system. Using the IHI “quadruple aim” as a guiding principle a balance can be struck between the patient and clinician engagement and the efficiency and health outcomes from these interventions.

Having invested in your facilities and people it is only right that your achievements are known, our consultants can help prepare you for certification from international bodies such as HiMSS, JCI, ACI etc. and develop programs leading to international accreditation of your people. This is all part of staff development programs which allow you to recruit and retain the “best of the best”.

Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning are important tools to help find patterns in your ever-increasing data that can improve health outcomes generally or for your patients and families as individuals. The Cerner Healthcare Advisory practice has a mix of locally based, qualified clinical and data analysts who can help you understand the concepts and practices as applied to healthcare, prepare your staff for the future of healthcare and work with them today to develop information and interventions to improve outcomes individually and collectively.


Do I have to use Cerner Millennium EHR to be able to use the Healthcare Advisory practice services?

No, organisations do not have to be using Cerner’s EHR to benefit from our suite of Advisory services. We realise that organisations need system-agnostic advice and training to get the maximum value from their systems.

No, there is no conflict of interest, Cerner Healthcare Advisory Practice is about helping derive value from your processes, technology and people, whatever system is employed.

Cerner Middle East’s experienced consultants are generally locally based which minimizes subsistence costs and ensures that they are productive as soon as they start working with you. This means that you get the maximum value from Cerner consultants.