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Hospital operations

Effective patient throughput is key to increasing revenue, improving organizational efficiency and providing a positive patient experience.

Cerner are focused on optimizing the patient’s journey through the health system – including resource utilization – from the time they enter the hospital through to their discharge and subsequent placement across the continuum.

Cerner understands the challenges of managing hospital operations today and offer solutions to help improve the patient’s entire throughput journey by coordinating the right caregiver with the right patient at the right place and the right time.

Patient-centered processes and technology independent of operational silos are key components to helping bottom lines in both the volume and value worlds. By building well-integrated, purpose-built systems aimed at increasing operational efficiencies, we can help organizations increase efficiency and patient throughput in the healthcare environment of today and tomorrow.


Case management

Connect clinical and financial information and automate utilization management, clinical documentation improvement and discharge care management within Cerner’s EHR.

Clinical inventory management

The Model Experience clinical inventory management standard design provides a comprehensive approach in Cerner Millennium® through optimal configuration and content.

Health information management and coding

Electronically monitor, support and manage health information of all types for a comprehensive, secure medical record.

Workforce and capacity management

A hospital’s workforce is its biggest expense, so it is critical to appropriately plan for staffing needs and have those needs align to individual patient care. Cerner is committed to delivering automated and intelligent solutions for healthcare organizations to provide the best care at the lowest cost.