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IT management and alignment

Putting your organization on an accelerated path to transformation.

Strategic healthcare IT outsourcing

Through Cerner ITWorks℠, we align closely with our clients to provide the talent, quality and value they seek from their IT investments. Our strategic outsourcing business offers peace of mind. We handle your day-to-day IT operations and help you focus on what you do best — taking care of patients.

Rising IT costs, staffing shortages, declining reimbursements, pandemics and shifting consumer demands are likely to put an incredible strain on your organization. On top of it all, you need additional capacity to go faster. To navigate these challenges and others, you need a partner solely focused on healthcare IT.

There are different levels of strategic partnerships model available, from partial to full outsourcing, where your IT employees become Cerner associates led by an experienced on-site executive leader. We make sure their work aligns with your organization’s priorities and governance structure. Together, we create a new strategy to help you grow and compete by making IT a strategic enabler.

Elevating your staff

We hire an experienced executive to lead your IT team. This dedicated professional oversees your Cerner and non-Cerner solutions, leads the workforce and provides a single point of contact for your IT needs. These leaders have extensive healthcare experience, and to ensure they have the right industry knowledge, our leaders participate in College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) CIO accreditation.

We also invest in your staff members, offering extensive training and unique opportunities to grow their careers. Training and development strengthen their management and technical skills, increasing their value to your organization.

Improving your service quality

We can manage all your IT applications, from your electronic health record to the computer in your gift shop’s cash register. By using a combination of these following 24x7x365 services, your on-site IT team can spend more time focusing on strategic projects:

  • Help desk: One of the quick wins in any Cerner ITWorks relationship is our HDI-certified help desk. Our well-trained associates answer questions about your Cerner and non-Cerner IT systems and applications.
  • Application management: A centralized, experienced team maintains, monitors and supports your Cerner applications. Unique to Cerner ITWorks, we manage an extensive portfolio of non-Cerner applications. Our team performs comprehensive assessments and develops ways to reduce the scale – and cost – of your portfolio.
  • Technology management: We help maintain your production environment, assist in projects and provide on-call support. Additional services include technology monitoring, service changes, configuration and incident response.
  • Security management: Your healthcare facility has legal, regulatory and organizational requirements to ensure that data and systems are secure. We help your organization remain compliant.


How do we align to your priorities?

We offer a comprehensive set of best practices to maximize the value of your IT solutions, services and team. These best practices – coupled with our comprehensive services for hosting, upgrades, help desk and application management – can reinforce your IT infrastructure, enhance end-user satisfaction and help you encourage adoption of new innovations.

We provide these services on a predictable, fixed-fee basis, which can reduce your overall cost of IT. Our goal? To work with you to make IT a competitive advantage.

In any Cerner ITWorks relationship, we work closely with your IT employees to ensure they have a smooth transition if required and a successful career at Cerner.

You can expect your IT team to maintain the local employment experience while benefitting from Cerner’s culture and resources, such as:

  • Industry and job-specific role training and development
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • A broad community of healthcare IT professionals and Cerner resources
  • Expert guidance through their transition period to ensure your people are set up for success in their new Cerner role

Hear associates describe how working at Cerner has helped their careers.

Cerner ITWorks managed IT services can make information technology a competitive advantage for your organization. We align Cerner’s best tools, resources and capabilities around your health system to help you accomplish your organization’s financial, clinical, technical and operational goals by providing improved support and services, an increased capacity to adopt innovation, and a stronger, more skilled -on-site team at a lower overall cost.

Yes. Cerner ITWorks offers its IT outsourcing service model to health systems of all sizes.

Your organization may lack some of the on-site expertise and talent you need to optimize your IT solutions. We fill this gap with our distributed workforce of IT professionals across the world.

Our ability to flex resources reduces your need for supplemental staffing. Our highly trained software and interface experts have experience with both Cerner and non-Cerner systems.

Having served our clients for more than 40 years, we have developed a strong set of best practices. Our Cerner ITWorks team also has expertise in areas across human resources, clinical informatics, cybersecurity, network infrastructure and regulatory compliance.

We coach, train and mentor our on-site team members to help them understand Cerner and industry standards. We also help you develop and maintain a formal project management office and governance structure. These practices will help you prioritize your resource investment and are critical to any well-run IT department.


Application managed services

Our application managed services teams work with your staff to deliver world-class support, focus on improving end-user workflows and handle configurations and upgrades.

Consulting services

Deliver value through a model experience where our clients learn from each other, clinicians are given more time to provide care, financial friction is reduced, the patient is at the center, and together, we’re focused on making communities healthier.

IT Management and Alignment

Cerner ITWorks is what we call our closest, most highly aligned client business relationships. Through these alignments, we bring to bear Cerner’s best solutions, services and people, and we organize them around your needs, your goals, and your future. With these elements working together in concert, we can solve your toughest challenges and put your organization on an accelerated path to transformation.

Lights On Network

Lights On Network® provides enterprise-level data analytics to maximize the value of your EHR across your entire organization. This means a better experience for your providers, better results for your organization, and the most efficient system to support it all.

Network and security

Meet the expectations of your clinicians and patients today, and in the future. Be more efficient, more effective and deliver a safer environment for your patients with a healthy network and a strong security posture.

Technology managed services

Today’s heterogeneous or best-of-breed environments within healthcare IT mean it’s often difficult for organizations to ensure standardization of end users’ methods of accessing various software platforms. Our decades of experience recommend a three-stage approach: discovery, transformation and adoption.