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Managing Populations

By managing populations, we focus on the care delivery across the general population or a group of individuals.

An important goal is to gather, normalize and analyze clinical data across a patient's many care settings that can reveal opportunities to improve the patient's health and the provider's financial outcomes. By merging clinical care with outcomes assessment, providers can help patients and insurers aggregate, exchange and analyze patient data to coordinate care and promote wellness through evidence-based decision support in clinical care.

Our offerings support data aggregation and data governance combined with business intelligence and data analytics to truly achieve the goals of managing populations. Clinical, financial and operational data need to be brought together from across the organization as well as provide actionable steps for providers via predictive analytics. Effective technologies and programs will provide real-time insights, allowing providers to identify and address any care gaps within the patient population. This will allow a healthcare organization to improve patient outcomes and cost savings.

Another goal is clinical proficiency. Possessing and analyzing this data allows providers to identify the greatest needs of the patient population. For example, most the patient population in the Middle East suffer from diabetes and hypertension, therefore using the technologies can help providers identify these problems.

Finally, another goal is better patient engagement because in order to prevent disease and maintain wellness, patients need to be proactive about making healthy choices while outside the hospital or healthcare facility.

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Open Platforms

Cerner’s open platforms, open technologies and open business approach enable innovative collaboration and the development of apps that fulfill edge needs. Our open application programming interfaces, called Cerner Ignite APIs, allow your organization to integrate apps directly into your workflows at the point of care.

CommonWell Health Alliance

Cerner is a founding member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, which is advancing interoperability by connecting systems nationwide and making health data available no matter where care occurs.

Cerner Connectivity Hub

Cerner Connectivity Hub solutions enable providers to share various types of clinical data including orders, results, clinical documents, images, immunizations and prescriptions while meeting Meaningful Use requirements.

Cerner Health Information Exchange

Cerner Health Information Exchange allows providers to view and exchange patient data, regardless of EHR.

Client Extensibility

Cerner Millennium is open and extensible, enabling clients to modify and customize extensions to help meet business needs like patient education, and workflow efficiencies to reduce costs and improve care. Clients can work with toolkits and extensions such as MPages, innovation toolkits, advisories and Cerner Command Language.