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Network and security

Building a reliable, responsive and secure patient-centric network.


Secure your networks for clinicians and patients today, and in the future

Be more efficient, more effective and deliver a safer environment for your patients with a healthy network and a strong security posture.



Your organization’s network relies on a multitude of components to deliver a great experience. Cerner works with you to deliver proven architectures and validated network components, including switches, routers, wireless, cabling, NAC, DDI and stream analytics.


Virtualization and cloud have continuously shifted compute demands to more innovative platforms and designs. We deliver virtual desktops running on servers (VDI), including hyper-converged infrastructure, which enables new applications and solutions for healthcare, without the burden associated with legacy compute nodes. To ensure that your operations stay online, Cerner offer robust and integrated data-protection solutions. Hyper-converged architectures utilizing all-flash storage provides lightning fast performance where it’s needed the most.


To improve your security posture, it’s critical to start with the basics and address the areas of highest risk. Leverage our consulting expertise on policies, procedures, risk assessments and training. We offer advanced malware protection, from the endpoints to the firewalls, along with countermeasures for the top attack vectors including email and web filtering gateways. Our integrated solutions include identification, advanced authentication, auditing and log correlation.


Application managed services

Our application managed services teams work with your staff to deliver world-class support, focus on improving end-user workflows and handle configurations and upgrades.

Consulting services

Deliver value through a model experience where our clients learn from each other, clinicians are given more time to provide care, financial friction is reduced, the patient is at the center, and together, we’re focused on making communities healthier.

IT Management and Alignment

Cerner ITWorks is what we call our closest, most highly aligned client business relationships. Through these alignments, we bring to bear Cerner’s best solutions, services and people, and we organize them around your needs, your goals, and your future. With these elements working together in concert, we can solve your toughest challenges and put your organization on an accelerated path to transformation.

Lights On Network

Lights On Network® provides enterprise-level data analytics to maximize the value of your EHR across your entire organization. This means a better experience for your providers, better results for your organization, and the most efficient system to support it all.

Network and security

Meet the expectations of your clinicians and patients today, and in the future. Be more efficient, more effective and deliver a safer environment for your patients with a healthy network and a strong security posture.

Technology managed services

Today’s heterogeneous or best-of-breed environments within healthcare IT mean it’s often difficult for organizations to ensure standardization of end users’ methods of accessing various software platforms. Our decades of experience recommend a three-stage approach: discovery, transformation and adoption.