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Organization administrator

Providing support for those that support the front line

Hospitals aren’t just about doctors and nurses – the team that makes it possible for clinicians to do their jobs play as significant a role in ensuring the patient experience goes smoothly. That’s why we’re passionate about creating administrative solutions that support you when you’re checking bed capacity, contacting relatives and generally helping your organization deliver its goals efficiently.

Patient-centered processes and technology independent of operational silos are key components to helping bottom lines in both the volume and value worlds. By building well-integrated, purpose-built systems aimed at increasing operational efficiencies, we can help organizations increase efficiency and patient throughput in the healthcare environment now and in the longer term.


When you’re in charge of the smooth running of a clinic, hospital or medical facility, organization is key. That’s why our solutions are designed to help you make sense of all the information you’re faced with and allow you to deal with it in a structured, logical way.

Say goodbye to multiple sheets of paper, repetitive data inputting and incomplete records – progressive healthcare IT from Cerner will help you work more efficiently, which will aid you in supporting patients and the clinical team.

Clinical coding

The right clinical code can save lives. It’s not an exaggeration – inputting the correct code means that patients get the right treatment they need as they progress through the care continuum. Incomplete, inaccurate or illegible notes will add a further layer of difficulty to your day.

Cerner’s solutions can put an end to all the stress by ensuring that a patient’s information will already be in one place waiting for you to work with. This way, you can work more efficiently, avoid unnecessary costs and ensure that the patient experience is a positive one.

Operations management

A healthcare organization is a living, breathing thing with countless variables, and operations management is the brain that keeps everything coordinated. Easier said than done when you always need more – more staff, more beds, more time – more everything.

When more isn’t an option, working smarter is – and that’s where Cerner can help. We can help you to coordinate and optimize your resources, anticipate and resolve service delivery issues, and provide the most effective management for your organization. Together, better capacity management and patient flow ensures that patients are at the right place at the right time with the right caregiver, resulting in better patient outcomes.


Producing reports is a crucial way to share important information, but it can drain that most important of resources – time. Reporting is always going to play a major role in health and care management, but the process can become much more efficient.

With Cerner’s reporting solutions, up-to-date information from the EHR can be teamed with simple prompts to allow for swift and accurate ordering and documentation, taking away the hassle and adding greater accuracy to your reporting.


Case management

Connect clinical and financial information and automate utilization management, clinical documentation improvement and discharge care management within Cerner’s EHR.

Health information management and coding

Electronically monitor, support and manage health information of all types for a comprehensive, secure medical record.

Hospital operations

Cerner understand the challenges of managing hospital operations today and offer solutions to help improve the patient’s entire throughput journey by coordinating the right caregiver with the right patient at the right place and the right time.