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Patient access

Getting complete and accurate information from patients at the point-of-service is a necessary step to help manage your organization's cash flow

Information is powerful. From the point of service, manage a patient's identity by creating a single patient record with a complete picture of their health and financial information.

Our patient access solutions streamline information across your organization.

Power of integration

Push revenue cycle to the point of services. With our single-platform approach across clinical and financial systems, we’ve embedded core EDI services like verifying a patient’s address, checking eligibility and benefits and validating medical necessity checks within the registration workflow.

  • Automate observation charging based on clinical activity
  • Easily manage resources when clinical orders are integrated with Cerner Scheduling Management
  • Collect payments at the point of service with near-real-time posting into Cerner Patient Accounting

Cerner Scheduling Management coordinates appointment scheduling across an integrated or disparate health system. It automates the appointment scheduling process from both centralized and decentralized booking locations within a department, and/or a facility. This setting may consist of one to many physical locations, each united by a common environment.

  • Manage scheduling across multiple facilities and schedule a series of appointments
  • Validate medical necessity at serval points in the workflow
  • Prevent adverse appointment and procedure interactions
  • Easily move appointments around in a single view

The Cerner Registration Management solution was designed to help automate the workflow and process of registration, admitting, transfers and discharges. It creates the encounter and a master person index (MPI) that becomes the basis for coordinating the person’s movement across an integrated or disparate health system. Register patients using an integrated workflow with embedded transaction services.

  • Collect co-pay or payments on outstanding balances prior to care being delivered
  • Validate eligibility and benefits in near-real time or batch functionality
  • Manage your staff’s workload with interactive work lists

Cerner and Experian Health have created a strategic partnership that will support patient financial clearance activities for your organization and the patients you serve. Our suite of solutions and services are equipped with user-friendly workflows and reporting functions that efficiently and accurately help your organization confidently determine an appropriate financial pathway for every patient in near real-time.

  • Validate that the patient’s address is valid and deliverable
  • Determine a patient’s propensity to pay by estimating income and household size
  • Screen for charity and other financial assistance programs
  • Provide patients with a bill estimate prior to their visit
  • Automatically send admission notification to payers

Manage a patient’s identity with a facility-wide offering that enables storage and maintenance of your patients’ data, including demographic, relationship, guarantor, employer and insurance information.  EMPI facilitates the integrity of a single-person record and enables the end user to find the right person at the right time, while helping to reduce as many duplicate person records as possible.

  • One patient record and financial view that can be shared across clinic and hospital venue
  • Create a central repository across your facility for patient demographic, relationship, guarantor, employer and insurance information

The Cerner Patient Kiosk is a patient-facing solution that engages patients in the registration process.  Our self-serve solution allows patients to check in for appointments, view and update demographics and insurance information and complete registration forms.

  • Patients are able to swipe credit card or manually enter their demographic data to identify themselves
  • Patients can view appointment information, confirm it’s correct and check in for their appointment
  • Forms requiring signatures are presented to the patient and once signed are stored into the patient’s EHR

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Cerner client I can speak with to learn more about their experience using Cerner solutions?

Yes, if you are interested in speaking with other Cerner clients with these solutions and services, please contact us at

Patient Kiosk is now available. Ask about how you can get one for your organization.

Yes, with Cerner’s single-platform approach across clinical and financial systems, we’ve embedded core EDI services like verifying a patient’s address, checking eligibility and benefits and validating medical necessity checks within the registration workflow.

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