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Providing a seamless flow of information across the perioperative continuum of care

We are continuing to create new solutions to enhance our broad perioperative offering, such as tissue and implant management. Our perioperative solutions significantly reduce the risk and inefficiencies associated with information silos and duplicated documentation. We are focused on how to help you navigate advanced payment models and episodic care.


Why Cerner’s Perioperative solution?

Delivering perioperative care involves the coordination of complex processes, involving the entire care team. It’s complicated, it’s very demanding and it is an exact science.  In addition, it is stressful for the patient and their family.

When they go into surgery, they think they are going into a procedure, but there is always the unknown element, e.g. pathology report, complication, co-morbidities. We help to minimize the unpredictability by giving you access to critical clinical information at your fingertips. Cerner’s Perioperative solution is a fully integrated offering that creates a perioperative safety zone, and facilitates informed decision making by clinicians. Cerner’s anesthesia and surgical management tools are designed to provide access to patient information to help manage allergies, checklists, medication processes and procedures, and combining smart device connectivity. This aids in streamlining the complexity and allowing you to provide the patient’s families with the most up-to-date information about their loved ones.

A comprehensive EHR:

  • Information-sharing across the continuum of care
  • Integrated AORN SYNTEGRITY content
  • Scheduling
  • Perioperative tracking
  • Integration with endoscopes and cameras
  • Supply chain management
  • Tissue and implant management
  • Revenue management
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center

Related offerings

Surgical management

Integrated surgical EHR documentation from scheduling through post-op care.

Anesthesia management

Manage the anesthesia workflow while documenting physiological parameters and medication administration.

Tissue and implant management

Provides the ability to track tissue and manage implants through each step in the workflow process, designed to meet UDI requirements.


Incorporates workflow, content and imaging capabilities designed specifically for the GI endoscopy

Surgical and endoscopic imaging

Saves pictures and videos from multiple specialties directly into the EHR, works with almost every model of endoscope, camera and surgical robot.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Complete solution package designed to meet the unique needs of free standing ASCs, inclusive of business solutions, clinical documentation and clinical supply chain management.

Clinical supply chain

Expanding the traditional ERP and materials management systems to include patent care process.

Point of use

Captures the dispense, return and waste documentation of supplies against a patient encounter. Designed to meet UDI requirements to help achieve compliance with MU stage three.

Pharmacy supply chain

Designed to help your organization from running out of medication by delivering a system generated order list collected from the clinical transactions.