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Optimizing physician workflow with data analytics


Reducing physician burnout

The first step in reducing physician burnout is acknowledging it exists.

The steady rise of burnout among physicians and clinicians is a crisis that is affecting the healthcare industry. Physicians are experiencing an overwhelming feeling of frustration in their careers and a loss of professional fulfillment because of several factors ranging from loss of autonomy to decreased efficiency.

We believe being a physician is far more than just a title or a role; it’s a calling. Cerner works alongside our clients to design intuitive solutions – applications that collaborate across platforms (mobile and desktop) and enhance user efficiency, productivity and satisfaction.

Cerner believes physicians deserve support from tools and technology that create a seamless and uncomplicated experience across many venues, departments, roles and service lines. Cerner works to create a positive experience by empowering physicians to provide high-quality care and to manage patients’ lifelong health.

Cerner’s physician solutions include robust content tailored for more than 40 specialties created to drive efficiency and productivity. With content specific to each specialty, Cerner aims to optimize the physician workflow by reducing clicks and time spend in the EHR, while providing the right information at the right time, right where it’s required.



Cerner Imaging brings together image-enabled workflows and near-real-time data to provide clinicians with a holistic patient view directly within the EHR for cardiovascular, radiology, clinical and enterprise imaging. This single source of truth ensures both advanced capabilities, such as decision support, within daily imaging workflows while also helping meet current and future regulatory requirements.


Cerner was founded in 1979 as a company focused on laboratory professionals and the solutions that help them succeed. Cerner offers a complete suite of solutions targeted toward the four key segments of the complex laboratory – clinical, anatomic pathology, molecular diagnostics and laboratory outreach – that can also function fully via seamless interface with your non-Cerner EHR.


We support nurses and the entire care team by connecting workflows across the care continuum. We’re uniquely positioned to develop the solutions and services that enhance efficiency and simplify communications among care team members.


Cerner’s pharmacy solutions are designed to help your health system’s patient population get and stay healthy – with extensive clinical checks, integrated data flow across processes, patient follow-up and therapy monitoring after discharge – all within a unified, seamlessly integrated medication process.